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Why Camberwell Junction is Melbourne’s leading shopping destination

Why Camberwell Junction is Melbourne’s leading shopping destination

Shopping destinations are for people who consider shopping to be less about buying stuff you need, and more about the experience.

It’s about the sights, sounds and inspiration of vibrant precincts, participating in the joys of community, devouring delicious food, and creating memories – and that’s exactly why Camberwell Junction has long been one of Melbourne’s best shopping destinations.

Featuring an eclectic mix of giant retailers, fashion boutiques, delightfully niche family-run shops, and the iconic Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market, a visit to Camberwell Junction is an experience to remember for the whole family.

Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market is a hidden gem

It’s often called one of Melbourne’s hidden gems, but Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market is best known for the treasures hidden within, and the joy of searching for and uncovering them.

For more than 40 years, the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market has been a Sunday morning staple for those who appreciate retro style.

Whether they’re searching for homewares or decor objects created in an era where quality was key; fashion pieces that ooze elegance and style; or if their idea of the perfect Sunday morning is thumbing through collections of records or pre-loved books, happiness is found at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

Why Camberwell Junction is Melbourne’s leading shopping destination

Destination shopping at Camberwell Junction

If you’re looking for a shopping destination with character, head to Camberwell Junction precinct, which is home to big-name stores and family run small businesses, charming cafes, authentic food stores and award-winning restaurants – all in the one iconic, beautiful setting.

Shopping at Camberwell Junction is all about the experience. It’s browsing interesting stores, sampling new products and produce, stopping for a coffee made by a friendly local barista. It’s searching for that perfect outfit for an event you’re attending at the weekend; it’s chatting with strangers who share the same passion for wellness and whole foods; it’s discussing book recommendations or gift ideas with a family run business owner, and so much more.

Need a coffee break after browsing the stalls at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market? Drop into 1961 Coffee Roasters, the experts in brewing, or Collective Espresso, who serve up a brunch as perfect as their coffees.

Or if you need to cross a few items off your to-do list, coordinate a visit with getting some grocery shopping done at one of Camberwell Junction’s supermarkets or fresh food stores, get your nails done, or stop in at the hairdressers for that much-needed haircut.

Fun for the whole family

Camberwell Junction loves families because we are families.

From the family owned and run stores with children you’ve watched grow with your own, to the big-name stores staffed by locals who know your name, shopping at Camberwell Junction is an experience the whole family will enjoy.

For many Camberwell families it’s a Sunday tradition that starts with a browse around the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market, followed by a leisurely lunch at one of Camberwell Junction’s cafes or restaurants, and topped off with catching the latest flick at the Rivoli. For others, it’s simply whiling away the hours, shopping, brunching, and catching up with friends.

Whether you’re searching for hidden treasures at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market, putting together a fashion wardrobe for the new season, hunting for a gift for that someone special, or just doing your weekly grocery shop, it will be a joy when you make Camberwell Junction your go-to shopping destination.


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