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Discover the hidden gems of Camberwell shopping precinct

Discover the hidden gems of Camberwell shopping precinct

Do you know about the gems of Camberwell?

A few of the most wonderful places in Camberwell shopping precinct are local icons, hidden venues, and historic sites.

Some shine brightly in the sun, while others remain tucked away to delight visitors who seek them out or simply happen across them.

See if you can discover all the ones we’ve listed below!

Marvel at the stunning Rivoli Cinemas

The iconic Rivoli Cinemas transports visitors back to an era when a night at the movies was a glamorous affair, a place where memories were made.

Originally opened in 1940, the Art Deco cinema has since been meticulously restored and maintained.

With its sweeping staircase, plush interiors and rooftop garden, the Rivoli is one of the few grand cinemas still operating today.

Camberwell Rotary Sunday Market_ supplied by Zill and Brook PR

Explore the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market

On Sunday mornings, Camberwell comes alive with the rich aroma of coffee and the thrill of market-goers stumbling across unique wares at the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

A Melbourne institution, the market is home to hundreds of stalls that sell second-hand goods, antiques, bric-a-brac, collectibles, hardware items, vintage and retro clothes and shoes, books, and music – practically anything you can think of.

Discover the enigmatic Bar None in Camberwell

Located in an unmarked building, behind a door with a simple sign beckoning visitors towards the basement, Bar None is literally a hidden gem.

Its secretive vibe recreates a prohibition-style experience, complemented by low lighting and smooth jazz music.

Settle in for the night on one of the many comfortable couches and booths. With over 300 spirits behind the bar, staffed by expert bartenders ready to whip up your dream cocktail at the drop of a hat, you’ll want to be there for the long haul.

Discover the hidden gems of Camberwell shopping precinct

Forage for treasures at Camberwell Antique Centre

Housed in one of Camberwell’s iconic heritage buildings, Camberwell Antique Centre is an Aladdin’s cave of antiques and collectibles.

Loved by visitors keen to explore one of Australia’s largest antique collections, the centre is also a destination for dedicated collectors and antique connoisseurs.

People travel from around the country to find treasures among the collection of period furniture, silver, collectible china, Australian pottery, sporting memorabilia, estate and vintage jewellery, paintings, and perfume bottles.

Discover the hidden gems of Camberwell shopping precinct

Find quality fare at Camberwell Fresh Food Market

Tradition is what the Camberwell Fresh Food Market is built on and what makes it such an iconic location today.

Originally built in the 1930s on the site of an old horse carriage factory, many of the Camberwell Fresh Food Market stalls are staffed by second- and third-generation stallholders who offer quality fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, and flowers.

Of course, produce is only part of what makes the market special.

The Camberwell Fresh Food Market offers ‘slow’ shopping at its finest, so take some time to enjoy the visual splendour of the stalls, tune into the entertainment on offer, and soak up the atmosphere of this quintessential Camberwell experience.

Seek out the gems of Camberwell

From the nostalgic atmosphere of the Rivoli Cinemas to the timeless charm of the Camberwell Fresh Food Market, these gems of Camberwell are just waiting to be found.

With more than 400 stores offering a diverse mix of retail, hospitality and services, Camberwell shopping precinct truly has something for everyone.


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