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Camberwell Business

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Camberwell Business

Discover local business opportunities with Camberwell Business

  • Camberwell Junction offers more than just retail, and is also home to an evolving and growing business community
  • Camberwell Junction is the perfect place to take your business to the next level
  • The precinct features exciting shared offices and co-working spaces at Eclat and Waterman Workspaces
  • Visit the Camberwell Business website for business listings, networking events, local business news and tips
  • We run regular business events where you can learn new business skills and network with other professionals.
Visit the Camberwell Business website

Supercharge your business in Camberwell Junction

Camberwell Junction is home to more than 400 retail business and 300 professional service-based businesses, making it a thriving hub of business activity.

Find local business events, networking groups, seminars and training workshops via the Camberwell Business community. We host regular meet-ups every year and are happy to promote local initiatives via our website.

Eclat Camberwell

Co-working spaces and shared offices

Camberwell Junction offers premium co-working spaces and shared offices designed to elevate your business. With Eclat and Waterman Workspaces leading the charge, alongside a vibrant retail shopping precinct, Camberwell Junction is the ideal destination for your business.

Established in 1948, Camberwell Business Club provides a local business networking opportunity. The club meets on the first Thursday of each month for a light lunch and features a guest speaker for fruitful discussion on matters of interest to members and the local community.