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Your guide to the best hairdressers in Camberwell Junction

Your guide to the best hairdressers in Camberwell

Sure, to some it’s simply the stuff that grows out of your head, but every woman knows that hair actually holds superpowers.

A great haircut and colour can have you leaving the house brimming with confidence and a take-on-the-world attitude, while a dodgy ‘do can see you shut up in the house for weeks, or planning your day around avoiding as many mirrors as possible.

Finding a great hairdresser – one who understands your personality, lifestyle, and the fact that no, you’re not going to spend 30 minutes every morning with the hair straightener and a cabinet full of product – is one of life’s great challenges and accomplishments.

Happily, Camberwell Junction precinct is home to some of the best hairdressers Camberwell has to offer, with some of the city’s most talented and respected, including award-winning stylists specially trained in niche techniques and areas of expertise.

Here’s a rundown on some of the best hairdressers Camberwell Junction shoppers are raving about:

Hair Hub by Falcone

We all want hairstyles that don’t just look great when we walk out of the salon, but are actually able to be recreated at home. Hair Hub by Falcone’s award-winning stylists take the time to get to know your needs and create looks suited to you and your lifestyle.

Hairhouse Australia

Hairhouse Australia is the hairdresser Camberwell locals turn to as the one-stop-shop for all their hair needs. Get a great new look at the salon, then pick up all the products you need to keep it looking great on your way out.

Hair Hut Camberwell

What do you get if you cross a barber shop with a modern ladies’ salon? A hairdresser that suits the whole family! Hair Hut Camberwell is senior-friendly too, so make that the entire extended family.

Heads of Camberwell

Heads of Camberwell – it’s chic and luxurious and the perfect salon for anyone who likes their hairstyling served with a big dollop of pampering.

Jo and Co Hair & Beauty

Beauty isn’t just great hair or gorgeous skin – it’s the whole package, and Jo and Co Hair & Beauty pull it all together for head-to-toe beauty, and an instant healthy glow.

MOE & Co.

MOE & Co. is Australia’s largest family salon specialising in all things hair, whether it’s a cut, colour or a style.

With the idea of ‘no appointments necessary’, MOE & Co. is a friendly and relaxed environment, designed to keep the industry fresh, moving away of the ‘sterile white’ hairdressing salon environment.

Oscar Oscar Salons

Home to some of Australia’s best hairdressers, Oscar Oscar Salons is renowned for creating more than just beautiful hair. Step inside and indulge with luxury hair services, the world’s best hair care and styling products, relaxing treatments and delectable refreshments.

Roxbury Salon

Roxbury Salon was established in 1994 and has been providing the highest standards of hair care, hair colouring, cutting and styling services. They are true professionals in the industry and offer a beautiful warm and welcoming salon for our guests to relax and enjoy while providing the utmost in quality hair care and customer service.

Salon Studios

A new concept for hairdressing services is Salon Studios, a hub for a range of independent and small-scale hair stylists that offer a range of services including hair cuts, colour, blow waves, bridal hair styling, hair extensions and more. Contact them to find out who operates from their shared space.

Second Avenue Hair and Beauty

Digital perming, keratin straightening, Olaplex treatments – it sounds high tech, but for this Camberwell beauty institution it’s their second language. Second Avenue Hair and Beauty are the experts in colour correction and hair extensions, and also offer the latest in nail technology.

Seri Hair and Beauty

Seri opened Seri Hair and Beauty salon in March 1999. Over the past 20+ years, the salon has grown to various locations and now operates in Camberwell Junction.

Services include hair cuts, styling, colouring, perms, straightening, and treatments including Keratin hear treatment, scalp treatments, and Old flocks.

Ulms Hair

For more than 40 years, Ulms Hair has been a hairdressing Camberwell icon and a style secret passed down from mother to daughter to daughter. Clients love the institution and appreciate the option to choose between senior stylist and principal stylist, depending on the complexity of the style.

WAS Hairdressing

It holds a special place among Camberwell hairdressers and is known for styling amazing wigs and hairpieces. WAS Hairdressing, formally known as Warren Ansell Salon, also has specialists in hair straightening.

The best hairdressers Camberwell Junction has on offer

Finding the perfect hairdresser is infinitely easier when you have the choice of the best hairdressers Camberwell Junction precinct has on offer – and now you know who they are, go and find your perfect match!

Falcone Salon

Falcone Salon

Shop 101-102, Camberwell Place, 793 Burke Road, Hawthorn East , 3123

(03) 9882 6000

Hair Hut Camberwell

Hair Hut Camberwell

1 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9078 6902

Hairhouse Warehouse Camberwell logo

Hairhouse Australia

668 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9813 5353

Heads Of Camberwell

Heads of Camberwell

510 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9882 7600

Jo & Co Hair & Beauty Camberwell

Jo & Co Hair & Beauty

545 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9813 1869

MOE & Co. Camberwell

MOE & Co.

Shop T4, Camberwell Place shopping centre, 793 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

Oscar Oscar Salons

Oscar Oscar Salons

785 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9855 9848

Roxbury Salon - Camberwell

Roxbury Salon

Shop 1, 206 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East, 3124

(03) 9836 7999

Salon Studios

Salon Studios

141 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East, 3124

(03) 9421 4200

Second Avenue Hair & Beauty Camberwell

Second Avenue Hair & Beauty

Rear, 614 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9882 6622

Seri Hair and Beauty

Seri Hair and Beauty

798 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9813 3331

Ulms Hair Camberwell

Ulms Hair

925 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9882 6969

WAS Hairdressing Camberwell

WAS Hairdressing

915 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9882 5311



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