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Where to find the best lunch in Camberwell Junction

Where to find the best lunch in Camberwell Junction

It’s a debate that continues to rage throughout Camberwell Junction and surrounds, and one that triggers fierce conversations and a passionate dedication to uncovering the truth: which eatery takes the prize for the best lunch Camberwell Junction has to offer?

The competition is tough, and debate is coloured by personal taste, culinary preferences, and how much time is available to enjoy said lunch.

We’ve taken a dive into Camberwell’s best lunches and come up with our picks for the best lunch Camberwell Junction eateries are serving up.

Grab and go lunch

For those who are looking for a bite on the run, fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, with some of Camberwell’s best lunches being ‘grab and go’ and packed full of the good stuff.

Roll’d Camberwell offers authentic Vietnamese street eats, including rice paper rolls, noodle salads and an array of buns, for eating on the go; Sushi Sushi has a wide array of sushi rolls for those in a hurry hurry; and Soul Sisters Cafe is Camberwell’s best lunch spot for superfoods, superfast.

If you like your lunch with a bit of meat on it, swing by Garlik Kebabery for a kebab or burger, or Chargrill Charlie’s, famous for their Portuguese style chicken, but if Camberwell’s best lunch is still a sandwich, then you can’t go past Subway.

Leisurely lunch

Nothing beats wiling away the hours over a long relaxing lunch with great food and good company – and Camberwell’s best lunch spot could be one of many.

Prospect Espresso offers a cozy spot with a wide range of lunch and brunch options; Legacy caters for the sweet tooth as well as savoury options; and Deco, located right opposite the Rivoli Cinemas, is the perfect post-flick spot to dissect the movie and plan the next one.

If exceptional coffee is your marker of a great leisurely lunch, Camberwell’s best lunch is waiting for you at Coffeehead, who roast their own famous blends. Otherwise, My Other Brother, with their speciality in unique blends and cafe-style lunches, offers the perfect setting to relax.

Of course, the only thing better than a long, leisurely lunch, is a long leisurely lunch in a far-flung location, and if you aren’t able to travel, Camberwell’s best lunch is one that transports your imagination. Con Noi Italian Trattoria offers a range of the best loved Italian dishes including pasta, risotto, panini and salads, while La Cabra’s modern Mexican menu will put some spice into your day.

Fine dining lunch

Whether you’re celebrating a significant event, whether it’s a lunch date, or whether you’re just in the mood to spoil yourself, Camberwell’s best lunch might just be at one of the precinct’s fancier spots.

The Meat & Wine Co takes steakhouse dining to a whole new level of class, courtesy of its elegant interior and internationally recognised restaurateurs, while Georges Restaurant Bar Cafe encompasses old world charm with an exceptional menu.

Fiorelli is a Camberwell Junction institution that delivers fancy with a welcoming atmosphere, and Young’s Wine Rooms, located in a magnificent 100-year-old building, serves up a Mediterranean lunch befitting royalty.

If Camberwell’s best lunch is one with a bit of imagination and pizazz, you can’t go past Italy 1, with its creative and modern Italian restaurant that takes the season’s freshest produce and serves them up with a big dollop of wow, while Tea House on Burke encompasses Cantonese cuisine in a luxe, relaxed setting.

So, who takes out the prize for the best lunch Camberwell has on offer? Why not check them all out and see which eatery tops your list.

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