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Roll’d Camberwell

Roll'd Vietnamese Camberwell
Roll'd Camberwell food
Roll'd rice paper rolls
Roll'd buns

About Roll’d Camberwell

Enjoy Vietnamese street eats – including rice paper rolls, noodle salads, and steamed buns – at Roll’d in Camberwell.

Established in 2012 the first Roll’d was a humble Vietnamese eatery in the competitive heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Inspired by great Vietnamese family recipes and traditions, Roll’d believe you have to taste culture to understand it and embrace heritage to share it. Which is why they take such pride in their fresh Roll’d Soldiers, steamy Phở, crisp Bún and other healthy menu options, each prepared daily.

With over 82 stores nationwide, Roll’d is one of the fastest growing fast-casual dining restaurants, bringing the concept of fresh Vietnamese street eats to Australia and delivering more than just quality and nutritious food.

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