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Discover retro treasures at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market and Camberwell Junction

For many, a casual stroll through the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market, coffee in one hand, bag of donuts in the other, is a Sunday morning staple. It’s a delightful way to shop, connect with the community, and snag a bargain.

For others with an eye for fashion, decor and style, though, the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market is a treasure trove of excellent retro and vintage finds.

Whether you’re looking to ramp up your fashion style or find that one perfect piece to complete a room, Camberwell Junction is packed with vintage treasures and one-off retro pieces, oozing with sentimentality and retro character.

Retro finds at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market

Stories about incredible retro treasures found at the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market are legendary.

There’s the middle-aged man who shed a silent tear while looking through a homewares stall because he had just found the exact teapot he remembered from his beloved grandmother’s house.

There’s also the mother who took home a retro doll house because it looked just like the doll house described in the Enid Blyton books she was reading her daughters.

And there’s the young woman, with dreams of becoming the next great Australian author, who found a typewriter that had tapped out stories of writers past and inspired her to get started on her novel.

Sentimentality is big part of the appeal of all things retro, but so is style.

Every year, teenage girls hit the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market looking for a school formal dress with a difference, brides find dresses for their vintage-inspired weddings, and style mavens with an eye for quality regularly scour stalls in search of that perfect garment.

The market is also brimming with homewares that add vintage cache to home decor, including everyday items such as tea sets, tumblers and glassware, and serving plates, as well as items for retro dinner parties, like fondue sets and cocktail shakers.

Whether you’re into velvet wall-hangings or want a vintage radio to become the centrepiece of a room, you’re bound to find decorative retro pieces that are authentic at the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

Discover retro treasures at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market and Camberwell Junction

Retro treasures, such as vintage perfume bottles, can be found at Camberwell Antique Centre.

Retro finds in Camberwell Junction precinct

Venture beyond the market and you’ll discover that there are plenty of retro items waiting to be uncovered across the shops of Camberwell Junction.

Camberwell Antique Centre is a great place for finding retro furniture and items that are big on vintage style. Old-style wirelesses and vases are great decorative pieces – and conversation starters – but don’t forget those everyday items like retro picture frames and lampshades that are that much more special when they’re vintage.

If you’re a parent who wants to ditch soulless, plastic toys, head to Antique Toy World, which holds a treasure-trove full of classic and wooden toys for kids. Vintage train sets and toy cars as just as much fun now as they were when you were a kid, and what nursery wouldn’t look absolutely adorable with a retro rocking horse or a wall adorned with vintage prints?

Fashionistas who appreciate timeless elegance of retro fashion will love Eyes on Floyd, with its focus on vintage inspired clothing. Finish the look with retro jewellery from Rutherford, specialists in unique and rare jewellery. Every item has a story, and you’re sure to find a piece that you’ll treasure forever.

If you’ve got a bit of time, it’s well worth hitting the charity shops of Camberwell Junction too. Here’s where you’ll find an array of retro treasures at affordable prices.

Books have always been a key home decor staple, but for homes with a retro look, vintage books are a great addition. Sainsburys Books has a great range of retro and vintage tomes, some weathered and well-thumbed, as well as valuable first editions and hard-to-find reads.

At Camberwell Junction, you don’t need to step back in time to step into vintage and retro style, and you’ll soon discover that the best part of finding a retro treasure is the treasure hunt itself.


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