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Meet Stephanie Psaila of Endota Spa Camberwell

Meet Stephanie Psaila of Endota Spa Camberwell

L-R: Therapist Kelis Birmingham, Spa Manager Stephanie Psaila, and therapist Georgia Kilgour.

Stephanie Psaila left the lush tropical beauty of Queensland’s Hayman Island without regret.

She was ready to settle into a more permanent role and build regular clientele as a beauty therapist – and her home suburb of Camberwell was calling.

“It was hard to leave such a beautiful resort, but I don’t regret it. A desire to work with a regular clientele and get to know them was my main reason. On the island it was mostly holiday makers who were my clients,” Ms Psaila said.

She has now been with Endota Spa Camberwell for five years and is Spa Manager there.

“It’s a perfect fit for me,” she said.

“I grew up in Camberwell and it’s a great community; a community that knows and appreciates good service.

“Endota is an Australian-owned and a trusted brand. I love the values of Endota and its range of treatments, which we are always adding to. I wanted clients that I could go on a journey with, rather than one-off holiday clients.

“This is a very nurturing job and I love it.”

Individual attention

Endota Spa Camberwell has a wide range of male and female clientele, from professionals, to busy mums to men seeking remedial or relaxing massage – and everyone in between.

“The team here is nurturing and caring. When a client is here for any treatment, we are wholly there for them and that is important,” Ms Psaila said.

“Whether someone is here for a beauty treatment, or is on a skin improvement journey, or is here to manage stress, whatever it is, we genuinely want to help and our whole focus is on the client.

“No one wants to book into a spa and find a distracted therapist.”

Ms Psaila said men and women come to Endota because the treatments aren’t gender-based but rather tailored for the individual.

Meet Stephanie Psaila of Endota Spa Camberwell
Meet Stephanie Psaila of Endota Spa Camberwell

Rooted in the community

Endota Camberwell has a team of 12, offering an array of treatments in five softly-lit, soothing rooms.

It is a peaceful retreat set in a historic building, and is conveniently located in the Camberwell shopping precinct, right near the junction.

The spa has been in Camberwell for 12 years, with owner Cass Quinn at the helm. She bought the franchise when she was a mum to two babies and wanted to take on a small business, rather than return to her career in law.

“A friend was involved in the foundation of the Endota brand and I liked the model, and here I am 12 years on,” Ms Quinn said.

Ms Quinn also runs two other Endota salons, in Kew and Eltham.

“Eltham was the second or third Endota salon in Australia – before I owned it – and Camberwell was the thirteenth,” Ms Quinn said.

Camberwell has been a great location for the spa, she said, with a large and varied community.

“We are in an easily accessible location, so we get a wide variety of people here; some who have come to Camberwell from other areas for different reasons, and book in for when they are here.”

Future focus

While there is a history to Endota in Australia, it isn’t a business that stands still for long.

“We have to stay on trend and keep abreast of what’s new and what clients are seeking. Being part of a franchise helps with that,” Ms Quinn said.

Endota Camberwell is soon set to introduce a new advanced skincare treatment – Electro Mesotherapy – a half-hour, non-invasive, high performance facial designed for deep renewal.

Built on a foundation of history and trust, combined with modern treatments for the modern day, Endota Camberwell is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and experience rejuvenation like no other.

Meet Stephanie Psaila of Endota Spa Camberwell

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Endota Spa Camberwell

540 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell

Phone: (03) 9813 5789


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