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Meet Caroline Knipe of Love Athletica in Camberwell

Meet Caroline Knipe of Love Athletica in Camberwell

L-R: Love Athletica co-owners Mat and Caroline Knipe.

It isn’t surprising to learn that Love Athletica business co-owner Caroline Knipe is an interior designer.

The calm beauty of the light-filled Camberwell studio is no accident. It is a considered aspect of the overall exercise experience on offer, and was designed by Ms Knipe.

Love Athletica’s classes offer a well-rounded program combining reformer Pilates, bouts of cardio, and ending with some gentle yoga.

“The sessions themselves offer everything you need, so people don’t have to class-hop trying to get what they need in different places,” Ms Knipe said.

“And we believe the ambience is as important as the class, so the studio is bright and warm and inviting, and the music is curated for each part of the exercise.

“The surroundings and the music shouldn’t just be incidentals; they should be designed to be part of the class. At Love Athletica we want to offer a rounded, holistic experience.”

Meet Caroline Knipe of Love Athletica in Camberwell

Creating something new

Ms Knipe left her interior design career to join her husband in launching the Love Athletica studios and that brave decision is paying off.

The Camberwell studio was the first to open and there are now also studios in Windsor, Malvern and a pop-up on a rooftop in South Yarra.

“I started creating the studio designs just before COVID-19 hit,” Ms Knipe said.

“So, 2020 was not the year I expected. I ended up doing all sort of other things related to the business, but we are back on track now and our next studio will launch in Richmond.”

It took a few years to build the business and Ms Knipe found a lot of inspiration overseas.

“I found that overseas many people running a fitness studio took it very seriously and considered it a career,” she said.

“When I came back (to Australia) I couldn’t find anything that reflected what we had found abroad and we began creating it ourselves.”

Ms Knipe’s husband left his music industry career and the couple began their Love Athletica journey.

“Starting our own fitness business was a risk and a big step, but I think to be successful you have to take a risk and work hard,” Ms Knipe said.

“You can’t just launch and leave it at that; you have to continually work at it and nurture it and allow it to evolve. Our studios are our babies.”

And that creative passion is reflected in Love Athletica, with carefully crafted sessions in beautifully designed studios.

“People should not only see results fairly quickly, but they should also enjoy coming and feel good when they are here,” Ms Knipe said.

“Seeing the results of their efforts combined with having fun means people come back.”

Location, location

Love Athletica Camberwell is a buzzing studio now.

“We aren’t right in the shopping hub of Camberwell but our choice of location paid off. This is a big and varied community open to trying something new, and also loyal when they find what they want,” Ms Knipe said.

“Within four months our studio was very busy.”

With an interior designer and passionate music lover at the helm, Love Athletica has put fitness into a comforting, supportive environment.

“We want coming here to be the best part of your day,” Ms Knipe said.

Visit the studio

Love Athletica

136 Camberwell Rd

Phone: (03) 8060 6725


All images courtesy Love Athletica.

Love Athletica pilates studio Camberwell

Love Athletica

136 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 8060 6725


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