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Meet Sheridan Hauser of CorePlus in Camberwell Junction

Meet Sheridan Hauser of CorePlus in Camberwell Junction

If you’ve been looking for a fitness studio that offers reformer Pilates, mat Pilates and yoga all under the one roof, look no further than CorePlus in Camberwell Junction.

The studio is also renowned for offering a welcoming and inclusive space for people of all ages and abilities – their mission is to get people moving without the expectations to perform.

Studio Manager Sheridan Hauser said the philosophy behind CorePlus is “mindful movement for everybody”, which brings a unique and balanced approach to the classes.

As such, their results-based group fitness sessions focus on both the body and the mind, helping people to become stronger, healthier and more resilient.

“We really encourage mindful movement. Everyone is welcome, the classes are open, and it’s a really inclusive practice,” she said.

CorePlus opened in Camberwell Junction in February 2018 and recently expanded their studio to offer a heated space for mat Pilates and yoga.

“The room is heated with an infrared panel, so it feels like a warm hug. It’s about 34 degrees, so it’s a nice temperature – but it’s different to Bikram yoga; it’s a different type of heat,” Ms Hauser said.

“We’ve got hot yoga and nowhere else in Camberwell really has that, so we have attracted a lot of new members that are interested in trying yoga and Pilates in a warm environment.”

Offering both Pilates and yoga, as well as different class styles within those disciplines, is part of the CorePlus difference. It provides members with the option to change up their workouts and also takes a more holistic approach to exercise by offering different paces and challenges to match people’s current energy and fitness levels.

Dual pricing options are available for members who want to participate in both reformer Pilates classes as well as mat Pilates and yoga, making them accessible.

Meet Sheridan Hauser of CorePlus in Camberwell Junction

Mat Pilates

Practiced in a heated studio, the Mat Pilates classes at CorePlus combine traditional Pilates principles with low-impact cardio, which is designed to elevate the heart rate and increase cardiovascular fitness while improving overall body tone and strength.

The Hot Strength Mat Pilates class is good for building functional strength, while the Hot Strength Cardio class dials up the intensity and elevates the heart rate with a low-impact cardio workout.

“One thing we say at CorePlus is that the heated room becomes magical. It becomes addictive, and that’s because we’ve made the room really immersive. You go in, and for 45 minutes you can disconnect from all your worries,” Ms Hauser said.

The mat classes are really popular among CorePlus members, so what’s the thing that keeps them coming back?

“It’s the post-class feeling. It’s a mental struggle sometimes when you’re in the class, but I always say just let the mind relax and let the body do its thing… because that’s when you see the change. And they know when they finish, it’s this magical release of endorphins and they just feel really good,” Ms Hauser said.

“We add mindfulness at the start and end of every class. We close the practice the same way we start it, so even if you felt like it was a hard session, you leave feeling good because we focus on bringing everything down and relaxing the nervous system.

“It’s about coming back to your breath and letting go of any judgement or any ego.”

Meet Sheridan Hauser of CorePlus in Camberwell Junction

Reformer Pilates

The Reformer Pilates classes at CorePlus offer the traditional practice of Pilates performed on a state-of-the-art reformer bed. The principles of Pilates remain the same, but incorporates added resistance to create a workout that focuses on enhanced strength, awareness, balance and flexibility.

One of the unique points of difference of CorePlus is the variety of reformer Pilates class types on offer. Members can choose from Athletic Reformer, Pre and Postnatal Reformer, Cardio Strength Reformer, Strength Reformer, Lower Burn Reformer, and Foundations Reformer.

The different reformer class types allow members to choose a tailored workout suited to their fitness goals or current physical abilities.


In addition to Pilates, CorePlus also offers yoga under the same roof.

Situated in the heated mat studio, the yoga classes flow through a series of yoga postures, with a strong focus on breath, mindfulness and connection to each pose.

The studio offers different yoga class types including Hot Yoga Flow, Warm Yin Yoga, and Warm Slow Flow Yoga.

Community at the core

When it comes to community, CorePlus walks the talk.

Not only does the studio encourage its members to be social and meet one another, they are also active participants in the local business community. The studio has partnered with local cafes, osteopaths and physiotherapists to refer clients to each other and offer support.

“It’s really community based. The biggest thing I love about CorePlus is that we have a lot of families that come to classes together – mum, dad and their kids, partners, siblings. Friends also attend together and we have members that have made friends through CorePlus and they now book classes together. That’s the best part; everyone feels like they are part of a team.”

This inclusive approach is why the studio doesn’t offer beginner, intermediate or advanced classes, because they want people at all ages and all stages of fitness to feel welcome and capable of participating. Instead, CorePlus begins classes at a foundational level and offers the option to progress and regress, depending on the individual’s needs and abilities.

“What we say is: just have some fun. You don’t have to come and take it seriously. You’re not expected to be this flexible and strong person, we just want you to move and have a good time.”

Meet Sheridan Hauser of CorePlus in Camberwell Junction
Meet Sheridan Hauser of CorePlus in Camberwell Junction

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CorePlus Camberwell


Level 1, 167 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East, 3124

(03) 9813 4853


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