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Meet Steven Wong of UBX in Camberwell Junction

Meet Steven Wong of UBX in Camberwell Junction

A circuit-based training studio with an emphasis on boxing is attracting those seeking a flexible yet dynamic workout.

UBX Camberwell gives its members the chance to train via 12 circuit stations, which incorporates a unique mix of boxing and strength training that can be completed within 45 minutes.

Co-owner Steven Wong runs the Camberwell gym with his business partner Winston Chow and said the UBX model of training was perfect for people who are busy but still wanting to prioritise their health and fitness.

“People can get in and out of the studio in 45 minutes which makes it convenient around other commitments,” Mr Wong said.

“UBX is not your typical circuit, as not many circuits include a boxing element, so it really offers a unique workout.”

The training methodology for UBX (pronounced ‘you-box’) combines boxing skills and drills, and high-impact strength training to offer a full-body workout with impact.

Six of the circuit rounds include boxing exercises, such as bag work or one-on-one pad work with a coach, while the other six rounds combine functional strength, cardio and conditioning movements.

There are thousands of different exercise combinations, meaning there is a new workout every day so members never get bored.

The concept for UBX was developed by world champion boxer Danny Green and tech entrepreneur Time West and now is now available across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and United States.

Formerly known as 12RND, the training studio rebranded to UBX in May 2022 as part of its global expansion.

Meet Steven Wong of UBX in Camberwell Junction
Meet Steven Wong of UBX in Camberwell Junction

A gym with no set class times

One of the things that attracts members to UBX is the fact that there are no set class times. Members can arrive at a time that suits them and simply join the circuit as the next round begins.

That means members don’t have to worry about honouring fixed timetables or stress if they get caught in traffic on the way to the studio.

Each circuit runs for three minutes, with a 30-second rest. There is a central timer which runs continuously throughout the day. Members arrive at time that suits them, do a quick warm-up, and join the circuit when the timer starts another three-minute round.

“There’s no need to book a session, which is one thing that all members really love. So you can do group training without the need to book a class time. It’s really good for busy people who need that flexibility,” Mr Wong said.

Exercise supported by coaches

While participating in circuit training is very individual, members at UBX are fully supported by coaches at each session.

In particular, there are rounds that involve one-on-one pad work with coaches that allow members to improve their technique while letting off some steam.

“We often give members pointers on how to correct their form or technique, so we provide a lot of support,” Mr Wong said.

UBX offers a team of coaches that bring the workout to life for its members. The coaches can also customise the workout for members, adapting the exercises and boxing on each round to suit their skills and fitness level.

Meet Steven Wong of UBX in Camberwell Junction

UBX Camberwell co-owners Steven Wong (right) and Winston Chow (left) with furry mascot Loki.

Training to keep members motivated

When it comes to training, UBX is committed to keeping its members motivated and coming back for more.

To ensure ongoing, long-term progression for its members, the workouts follow a continuous training cycle that incorporates a series of phases that run over a seven-week period. This methodology is backed by science and used by professional athletes all over the world.

UBX also offers challenges throughout the year, known as Training Camp, to give members more structure around their training. This six-week challenge includes nutritional guidance, measuring body compositions, and setting benchmarks with the aim to improve results by the end of the challenge.

“Some examples of improving those results include being able to do a particular exercise in a quicker time, or seeing how fast you can burn 15 calories on the ski machine. It’s all about beating your personal best – that will show that you’re physically getting stronger, you’re improving, there’s progression,” Mr Wong said.

At the heart of it all, Mr Wong said UBX offers its members a welcoming and friendly environment.

“What I want for every one of our members is to come in here and have a fun time. I want them to have a great workout and I hope they can’t wait to come back for the next one,” he said.

Meet Steven Wong of UBX in Camberwell Junction

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UBX Camberwell

UBX Camberwell

3 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell, 3124

+61 451 536 465


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