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Meet Rod Boone of Fitness Hub in Camberwell

Meet Rod Boone of Fitness Hub in Camberwell

Trainer Rod Boone is focused on ensuring his new fitness studio in Camberwell is not a stereotypical gym.

The walls are painted with fresh, bright colours and the mural on the staircase is of swaying palm trees. A skylight drenches the space in natural light.

There’s not a black wall or primary-coloured feature pillar in sight – and it’s all deliberate.

“I didn’t want the place to look like every other gym that conjures up macho body building and intimidating workouts,” Mr Boone said.

“Because what we offer at Fitness Hub is the opposite of that. We want members to feel relaxed and comfortable and we tailor workouts to their needs.”

A fresh approach

Mr Boone, a personal trainer who has been working with clients for more than 20 years, has spent a long time searching for a permanent studio. In March 2021, he finally opened Fitness Hub in Camberwell.

“I wanted to find a space that I could ensure replicated the service we deliver, and we have done that. It’s colourful and calm and a great space to train without feeling overwhelmed or out of place,” Mr Boone said.

“I used colours like pink, turquoise and green, so that people who might be nervous starting training feel relaxed when they get here, and people who say ‘I don’t like gyms’ don’t feel like it’s the kind of gym they’ve tried and quit.”

This is how Mr Boone runs his group training, offering what he calls “a unique approach to fitness”.

“We are not a gym. We are a group of people who train together and have fun doing that. I write a fresh training program every day to avoid people getting bored, and I walk around and coach and correct technique and tweak the program in whatever way anyone needs.”

Meet Rod Boone of Fitness Hub in Camberwell

Creating a community

Mr Boone sees his clients as “a real community” – people who get to know each other and enjoy spending time together.

“It’s a device-free zone during training – no phones or headphones, so people can chat to each other and connect,” he said.

“I love to see people improve and change, not just in body shape and fitness but in confidence. That’s where my passion comes from.

“I have been training some people for years and years, so I am doing something right. And now I have this great permanent space to do it in.”

Mr Boone’s clients range in age, from 19 to 84 years old.

“I love that a broad range of age groups can train in the studio at the same time. I tailor the training to their needs, but they all come together and get along. The only challenge is picking the right music for everyone,” he said.

Connecting with Camberwell’s ‘street vibe’

Mr Boone said that as well as finding a great space he could make his own, he has also found a great location.

“Camberwell is a buzzing place with a broad range of people and the studio is in a busy area,” he said.

“Sometimes I open the door as we train, not just to let some fresh air in but also to connect with the street vibe.

“I love the sense of community, too. The people from the Greek restaurant across the road came over and introduced themselves and wished us luck when we opened.”

Visit the gym

Fitness Hub

535 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell

Phone: 0422 697 543

Fitness Hub Camberwell

Fitness Hub Camberwell

535 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, 3124

0422 697 543


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