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Meet Sara Galliani of Plus Fitness in Camberwell Junction

Meet Sara Galliani of Plus Fitness in Camberwell Junction

When Sara Galliani talks you through your program at Plus Fitness, rest assured she is a woman who knows about fitness and discipline.

Ms Galliani is a former circus performer who still teaches circus skills on the weekends. She is skilled in vertical apparatus – silks, ropes, straps.

“I started in fitness about eight years ago,” she said.

“And now being a club manager as a new gym opens in a community is wonderful.”

Plus Fitness offers high-tech equipment, flexible membership mixed with a ‘neighbourhood gym’ feel.

“I love getting to know people,” Ms Galliani said.

“I know people’s names and a little bit about them and we are building a community of people who want to get fitter and healthier – physically and mentally.”

Convenient and affordable

Plus Fitness is a 24/7 members-only gym – that means safety for members and offers competitive membership costs.

And don’t let the no-frills cost fool you. The gym boasts latest technology-based facilities.

“Our digital cardio is second to none,” Ms Galliani said.

“You can do live classes from a screen on the equipment. There are a variety of levels to suit everyone.

“You can connect to your smart watch to monitor your own progress.”

Ms Galliani said the plate and pin-loaded machines come with next-level seat comfort, too.

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‘A safe space to ask for help and learn’

The Plus Fitness experience is also about personal connection and assistance if that’s what you require.

“We – myself and my team – are the point of difference,” Ms Galliani said.

“For those who aren’t new to fitness, the ‘check yourself in and get on with it’ is exactly what we offer.

“However, for those who want a bit of help, my team is here for that. We are more than happy to answer questions, work out a fitness program and just help you find your confidence,” she said.

“For example, one of our older members was using a piece of equipment the other day and I noticed she wasn’t getting the best from it.

“I went over and said I hope you don’t mind me saying but I can show you the best way to do this exercise and she was delighted.

“She said she had been doing it that same way for years.”

Ms Galliani said this example is her way of saying ‘feel free to ask questions’.

“While we are set up for ease of access with 24/7 key entry, we are also a gym where you can learn and grow – and we love beginners.

“This is a safe space to ask for help and learn.”

By joining Plus Fitness, members get access to more than 200 Plus Fitness gyms across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Members enjoy a no-lock in contract, free fitness program, and a range of classes.

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Local connections

Plus Fitness has already established itself as part of the Camberwell Junction community.

“A few neighbouring businesses have staff memberships and it’s great. There is a definite community feel here in Camberwell that you wouldn’t maybe get in the heart of the city,” Ms Galliani said.

Located at the base of the Aerial building at Camberwell Junction, the gym is not so visible from the street and therefore relies on community support and word of mouth recommendations.

If you are considering going to a gym, Ms Galliani encourages you to take that first difficult step of just getting in touch.

“Talk to us and we can find out what your goals are, what motivates you, and work a program personalised to you.

“That means you are more likely to stick with it.”

You can simply drop in and speak to a team member or phone, book via their website or send them a message via social media.


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