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Meet Phil Lee of Vision Personal Training in Camberwell

Meet Phil Lee of Vision Personal Training in Camberwell

Centrally located in Riversdale Rd in Camberwell, Vision Personal Training delivers what it says it does: personal training.

That one-on-one supportive, friendly fitness instruction and tailored work out programs are at the core of the business but by no means its only element.

Vision Personal Training offers fitness classes, plus education in nutrition and wellness.

Business co-owner Phil Lee said Vision Personal Training was much more than an average gym but was also easily accessible and welcoming.

Unique services

Vision Personal Training prides itself on offering a personal service, which sets them apart in the health and fitness industry.

The business also offers members a money back promise – if a member follows their program completely for their first nine weeks and does not achieve their desired result, Vision Personal Training will not only give them their money back, they will train the member for free until they achieve what they set out to.

“Our focus is the individual,” Mr Lee said.

“Whereas, other big gyms present an array of equipment and more or less leave you to it, we tailor a program to your needs. We have the equipment, too but rather than having to join up, find your own way and then maybe pay extra for a personal trainer, personal training is what we offer.”

Mr Lee opened the Camberwell studio in 2016 with business partner Leigh-Ann and they brought with them a passion and energy that has allowed them to build a thriving personal training service.

“I was a graphic designer. I grew up playing sports and began going to the gym in my twenties. So, I was fit but because of my job had an overall sedentary lifestyle. I didn’t like that and I got fed up sitting in front of a computer all day, so I retrained and became a personal trainer,” Mr Lee said.

He started with Vision Personal Training in Sydney before Leigh-Ann urged him to take a chance and open their own studio in Melbourne.

“When I visited the site in Camberwell, I knew it was the right place. It’s a fantastic area with a mix of residential and business – the right demographic,” he said.

“There are a lot of families and I believe we can make an impact through a family.”

Vision Personal Training Camberwell

A focus on nutritional education

One day you might be pumping iron at Vision Personal Training and another you could be wandering aisles of nearby Woollies, learning how to shop healthily.

This attention to nutrition, not simply a supply of healthy recipes, but an education in healthy eating and lifestyle change is a huge focus of the experience at Vision Personal Training.

“Once a month we go to Woolworths and walk around and we educate our clients on making healthy choices, how to tailor food to their goals and how to avoid buying seemingly healthy food that could stop them achieving their goals,” Mr Lee said.

And the nutrition program is just part of the package.

The studio also offers guides members in making positive lifestyle changes and helps them unravel why they may have been unable to do this in the past.

Meet Phil Lee of Vision Personal Training in Camberwell

Community connection

Seeing and treating the whole person, creating new habits and a healthier lifestyle is the crux of the Vision Personal Training experience.

“When someone seeks a personal trainer, there is no point in simply providing them with a workout. That is a big part of it, but we like to provide the rest of it, too – education in nutrition, health and wellbeing,” Mr Lee said.

“With all of that people can make long-term positive changes.

“We don’t just have individual clients. We create a community of people who help support each other.”

And the Vision Personal Training team also loves being part of the wider Camberwell community.

“We work with other businesses and take part in community events. We love it here in Camberwell.”

Visit the studio

Vision Personal Training Camberwell

Level 1, 527 Riversdale Road, Camberwell

Phone: (03) 9882 9070.

Vision Personal Training Camberwell

Vision Personal Training Camberwell

Level 1, 527 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9882 9070


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