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Meet a trader: Yossi Hayoon of Sprinnt Indoor Cycling Studio, Camberwell

Meet a trader: Yossi Hayoon of Sprinnt Indoor Cycling Studio, Camberwell

An indoor cycling studio in Camberwell is helping people to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

Sprinnt, located in Riversdale Rd, only opened in December 2014 but has quickly built a community of spin class members.

CEO and instructor Yossi Hayoon ditched life as a corporate consultant in favour of being more active and focusing on his health.

Originally from Israel, Hayoon moved to Australia about 13 years ago and has been working in the fitness industry for 11 years.

Hayoon decided to start his own business after noticing a gap in the market for indoor cycling classes.

“The fitness business is too generic and I wanted to create something different. I believe people will appreciate my unique classes, professional service and personal attention,” he said.

Hayoon believes in practicing what you preach, and uses this approach to keep members coming back week after week.

“First of all, you need to set an example – you need to be fit, you need to look fit and you need to be knowledgeable.

“For me, it’s a lifestyle. I like being fit and active. It’s the way I want to live my life.

“And no matter what kind of day I’ve had, once I sit on the bike everything changes.”

The Sprinnt studio in Camberwell

The Sprinnt studio in Camberwell

A new design

Several months of planning went into creating the design of the physical studio and the format of the spin classes, Hayoon said.

“There is a lot of work that has gone into designing the class. There is a methodology behind the design of the class,” he said.

The spin studio is designed in a way to encourage inclusive activity, with about 35 bikes set up in a U-shape and the instructor at the front.

With other riders positioned all around you, it’s easy for participants to feel like they’re in the challenge together, Hayoon said.

“The design of the studio was intentional, to make the class feel inclusive. You feel like you are in it together with everyone else who is riding. You can feel the energy,” he said.

The class starts with a solid warm up before increasing the intensity for a consistent period of time. The intensity level is then dropped slightly with a focus on maintaining that level before moving into a cool down phase.

“The class has been designed in a way to allow participants to reach optimal fitness and get a full, overall workout,” Hayoon said.

“It takes riders through different intensities, terrains, and resistance.”

Yossi instructing the themed spin class with live music

Yossi instructing the themed spin class with live music

Creating a community

Part of Hayoon’s intention when starting Sprinnt was to build a community of likeminded people.

At the end of each class, members are encouraged to stick around for a cup of tea or coffee, some fresh fruit and a chat.

“I felt that the community aspect of spinning classes was missing elsewhere and I wanted to create something different,” Hayoon said.

“I think people want to belong to a group. And that community experience gives them another aspect of motivation to come and exercise and be inspired and learn from one another.

“It’s amazing; people are changing their lives here.”

The cycling studio also offers occasional themed classes as a way to change the normal routine and give members a new challenge.

Examples of recent themed classes include a 90-minute endurance session and a class that had live musicians playing tunes that members cycled to.

“With the themed classes, it’s a chance to move away from the conventional spin class and have something different,” Hayoon said.

“It also gives members the chance to get involved as we encourage them to share their ideas and talents for a themed class. It’s another way we are getting the community involved.”

Sprinnt reception: Enjoying fruit and coffee

Sprinnt reception: Enjoying fruit and coffee

A spinning class for everyone

Sprinnt is leading the charge in offering an indoor cycling class that is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.

“Participants in our classes range from 10 years old through to 63. They are riding together and encouraging each other even though they are different ages and have different fitness levels,” Hayoon said.

The class is designed so that participants can make it as hard as they can manage, so people of varying fitness levels or abilities can still participate.

It’s a very encouraging way to exercise because you can start at a point and work your way up, Hayoon said.

“We have had so many people come here who were afraid of this exercise or who haven’t exercised for many years. They couldn’t manage the first class but after two or three months they’ve managed a 90-minute endurance class. They’re feeling stronger, fitter and happier.”

Hayoon said although the classes are intense, they were designed to push participants in a safe way.

“You’ll be surprised how quickly your body will adjust with each class. Your body will accept the change,” he said.

Want to know more? Be sure to visit the studio.

Sprinnt Indoor Cycling Studio

537 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell
Phone: (03) 9077 6972


Sprinnt Camberwell


537 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9077 6972

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