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Meet Bec Freeman of F45 Camberwell Junction

Meet Bec Freeman of F45 Camberwell Junction

The beauty of a gym being slap bang in the centre of corporate and commercial life is it makes fitting exercise into your day a little bit easier.

Just ask the corporate clients that fill the lunchtime classes at F45 Camberwell Junction.

“Convenience is certainly part of what we offer,” co-owner and manager Bec Freeman said.

“Our lunchtime classes give people in this busy area a chance to work out on their break, grab some food and head back to work energised.

“We offer a broad timetable of classes from early morning to evening, so everyone should be able to find a class that suits them. We even have a dedicated bunch of people who rock up every morning at 5.15am,” she said.

The early birds have all become good friends and socialise together, too.

“And it’s not just them. We have a lovely community here and people get to know each other and socialise together. It’s a non-competitive and supportive place to train,” Ms Freeman said.

Practising what she preaches

Ms Freeman, who is also a trainer, is not just a big advocated of F45 but she walks the talk.

“I start my day with a class here at either 6.45am or 7.30am. I love the classes and the model of training,” she said.

“The ‘F’ stands for functional training and the classes are 45 minutes long. It is designed to provide a functional, full-body workout while burning the maximum number of calories in that time. It is results-driven, and the trainer takes you through it.”

Ms Freeman said because of F45 training she is in the best shape of her life.

“I have a better physique than I did 20 years ago,” she said.

“So, I am more than happy to promote it as a great training method.”

And being a middle-aged woman who enjoys F45 and can show the results of it, Ms Freeman is a good ambassador for her business.

“The women and mums in the community can relate to me and they can see that it works, so they trust it,” she said.

Meet Bec Freeman of F45 Camberwell Junction

A training method for the young and not-so-young

The location of the gym – right in Camberwell Junction – works well too, Ms Freeman said.

“We are right in the heart of things; part of a busy community and it suits a lot of people. We have clients from age 16 to the high 60s – not just because we are central but because F45 is scalable to your level. You can work at your own rate and build up,” she said.

As well as the range of classes on offer – some are cardio based and others involve strength training – the gym also organises a 45-day challenge five times a year.

“They are included in the membership package. It’s a good way to kick-start your training,” Ms Freeman said.

Her advice to anyone thinking about joining F45 but feeling a little nervous is to simply try it out.

“This is a friendly, nurturing place. All of us here love our jobs and are invested in what we do. It’s a lifestyle for us,” she said.

“We offer 14-day trials where you can sample the classes. Come in for a chat if you have questions or are unsure or just call me and I am happy to talk it all through.”

The six trainers who instruct the classes at F45 all train there, too.

“We don’t just lead classes, we take classes. We all love F45 and can easily tell people about the benefits because we do it ourselves and see the benefits,” she said.

Visit the gym

F45 Camberwell Junction

357 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell

Phone: 0452 410 565

F45 Training Camberwell Junction

F45 Training Camberwell Junction

357 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, 3124

0452 410 565


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