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Meet Duncan Fraser-Smith of Bayleaf Wellness in Camberwell Junction

Meet Duncan Fraser-Smith of Bayleaf Wellness in Camberwell Junction

A modern, ‘big picture’ approach to health is attracting clients from all over Australia to Bayleaf Wellness in Camberwell Junction.

The health and wellbeing centre with a difference, offers a proactive and ‘whole person’ method of care.

This holistic approach brings together a range of professionals to work with patients to achieve health goals.

Business manager Duncan Fraser-Smith talks enthusiastically about this healthcare model which he believes is gaining traction among people seeking a more rounded, less reactive approach to wellbeing.

“We are not about the quick fix here,” Mr Fraser-Smith said.

“We see each patient as individual with their unique story and experiences. And we look not just at symptoms but at all aspects of their lives – their stressors, lifestyle, food, exercise, sleep and mental health. All of it is important to providing a roadmap to better health.”

A holistic approach

Services at Bayleaf Wellness include integrative general practitioner consultations, naturopathic physician appointments, clinical nutritionist appointments, functional testing, wellbeing coaching, personalised wellbeing plans, and preventative and lifestyle medicine.

The clinic also offers a range of functional testing (in addition to pathology) such as vitamin, mineral and heavy metal testing, food compatibility testing, and gut and metabolic testing to guide the practitioners in the advice they give.

Mr Fraser-Smith believes this is a model that will continue to grow in Australia as people seek something different to the traditional medicine model.

“Some people don’t want to simply be proscribed a pill but want to learn about better health and ways to improve their health,” he said.

“Other people come to us because they are looking for a more natural approach.”

Mr Fraser-Smith said with an ever-growing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and self-care, there has also grown a demand for healthcare that isn’t simply “a quick fix”.

“We believe that many chronic diseases are lifestyle-driven and that health and wellness is an individual journey that the team here can help manage,” he said.

“It is a collaborative effort.”

Meet Duncan Fraser-Smith of Bayleaf Wellness in Camberwell Junction

Mr Fraser-Smith said while Bayleaf Wellness’ approach is natural, it is also science based.

“There is nothing vague or fanciful about our healthcare. Our team are trained, degree-qualified professionals with years of experience behind them and what we do is backed by science,” he said.

“An integrative general practitioner is a fully qualified and practising medical general practitioner with extra training and expertise in nutritional and environmental medicine in order to practice holistically.”

If you are unsure about how Bayleaf Wellness can help you, you can book a 15-minute free call or in-person chat to find out.

“This gives people a chance to ask questions, find out what our approach to their issues would be, and see if we are a good fit for them,” Mr Fraser-Smith said.

“It’s a kind of try-first approach so that people are clear on what they need and how we can meet those needs.”

Proactive about health and wellness

Services at Bayleaf Wellness also include executive health, workplace wellbeing, health and wellbeing packages, as well as individual consultations.

People from around Australia have contacted the centre as news spreads of its style of care.

Even though the clinic reaches people nationally, Bayleaf Wellness has found a good home in Camberwell Junction.

“This is a great environment and we have a good space here. The community has welcomed us and more and more people hear about us every day,” Mr Fraser-Smith said.

If you want to try the holistic approach, all you have to do is call and ask questions. No referrals are required.

“It doesn’t matter if you have something you have been trying unsuccessfully to deal with for a long time or if you are feeling okay but want to start being proactive about health and wellness, or anything in between, we are happy to have a chat with you and work out how we can help.”

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Bayleaf Wellness

Bayleaf Wellness

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