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Meet Kristie Ho of X-Dance Station in Camberwell Junction

Meet Kristie Ho of X-Dance Station in Camberwell Junction

Melbourne’s newest dance platform has brought a raft of global influences into one setting.

X-Dance Station is a one-stop shop for fun and challenging dance classes that are growing rapidly in popularity.

Street jazz, hip-hop and heels are just three of the styles on offer at the Camberwell Junction studio.

Manager Kristie Ho said there is something for everyone at X-Dance Station.

“Whatever your age or fitness level, there is a class to suit,” she said.

“We have plenty of beginner classes and trial classes so people can come with no experience and try the various styles for themselves.”

Sharing a dancer’s energy

X-Dance Station offers choreography, K-pop and house classes as well as workshops.

If you need to be on stage or improve your on-stage performance, commercial classes are also available.

Commercial is a style of dance that is designed to be performed in front of an audience. It can include everything from hip-hop and jazz to tap and ballet.

Ms Ho has been dancing pretty much all of her life and brings an energy and passion to the business.

“I’ve been dancing ever since I was young,” she said.

“It is something I love to do and teach others to do. At X-Dance we want people to enjoy learning to dance which is why we have classes for different levels.”

Step out of your comfort zone

X-Dance Studio also offers studio hire for private lessons or rehearsals.

“Private lessons can be for a small group or just one-on-one,” Ms Ho said.

“Some people prefer that to a larger class and some friends’ groups love to do it together as a fun social thing.”

So, if you want something a little different from the norm to do with your close group, how about a heels class?

Heels dance classes and workshops are popular in studios around the world.

“It is something completely different and that’s its appeal,” Ms Ho said.

“It is a versatile style and everyone can bring their own personality to it.

“We start off slowly – pretty much learning to walk in heels – and safely lay the foundations and move on from there.

“Heels is getting more and more popular.”

Street jazz is another popular style at the Burke Road business.

“We run classes from beginner onwards to cater for everyone who loves to learn this style,” Ms Ho said.

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Spicing up the school run

If you’re a mum in need of a little dance therapy to pep you up following school drop off, X-Dance has you covered, too.

“The mums drop the kids at school, come to a dance class and release energy, exercise and have fun and then some go have lunch together before it’s time for pick-up,” Ms Ho said.

“It’s a great mood-lifting time of the week.”

And the kids of Camberwell and beyond are more than welcome to join the world-wide love of hip-hop and K-pop with children’s classes at X-Dance Station.

“These are really popular. Kids absolutely love them,” Ms Ho said.

X-Dance station is located via the laneway that connects Burke Rd to Market Place, just around the corner from popular cafe My Other Brother (MOB).

“It is a good spot for the business – close to public transport, including the train and we have good parking,” Ms Ho said.

“Camberwell Junction is a very busy place and we’re in the right area to be offering these styles of dance.

“There is a great dance community in Melbourne and a love of learning these global and popular dance styles.”

All classes at X-Dance Station are easily booked via the Mindbody app.

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Visit the dance studio

X-Dance Station

X-Dance Station

Level 1, 586 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

0450 350 130


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