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Meet Anabela Mangogna of Bellite in Camberwell Junction

Meet Anabela Mangogna of Bellite in Camberwell Junction

Ever since she was little, Anabela Mangogna dreamed of fashion. She dressed her dolls, was fascinated by fashion magazines and loved to dress up in her mum’s jewellery and make-up.

“At 30, my sweet childhood dreams came to reality,” Ms Mangogna said.

“I began to work for luxury cosmetics in Paris alongside all the brands I dreamt of: Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent. They were finally within my reach. I felt like a superhero with my make-up as my superpower.”

Her mission, she said, was to put a smile on people’s faces as they discovered the best version of themselves.

And she’s using that superpower now in Camberwell Junction at her beautiful clothing and accessories store, Bellite.

“Now here I am, forty-something years old, living in Melbourne, a wife and mother, and I have never felt so empowered. I am rich from my past experiences and ready to conquer the world of fashion,” Ms Mangogna said.

A touch of Europe

Bellite is inspired by Ms Mangogna’s travels, the people she’s met, their cultures and her Portuguese and French background.

She describes Bellite as “an authentic brand” with items reflecting the style and heritage of the place they were made.

“I like to say that I offer ‘souvenir-like’ products to my customers. They are the illustration of the local savoir-faire of the places I visited,” Ms Mangogna said.

“Bellite’s designs were born in countries with strong craftsmanship and fashion heritage. They come to Australia to add an exotic twist to women’s looks.”

Bellite’s customers are women of all ages and particularly women who like a hint of France in their fashion choices.

Ms Mangogna said her store offers “a nice touch of originality” and her customers love that.

“Bellite is different to your usual fashion store,” she said.

“It quickly became popular thanks to the Jimmy jacket, one of my bestsellers. This jacket is an addiction and my customers often come back to purchase it a second or a third time. The Jimmy jacket is a bomber that is available in many different colours and patterns, with shiny hems around the collar and sleeves.”

Meet Anabela Mangogna of Bellite in Camberwell Junction

A love for community

Bellite is a colourful fashion store and Ms Mangogna said shoppers enjoy her positive energy and enthusiasm.

“They like to come in for a chat, look at my new collections and ask questions about the designers I represent. They like to hear about my background and why I decided to live in Australia,” she said.

“I enjoy building relationships with my customers. They often stop by just to say hi on their way to the grocery store. I love those precious moments.”

Ms Mangogna said Camberwell Junction is a great location for her store “simply because I love this suburb”.

“I love the abundance of small shops and the relationship I build with the community. I feel close to my customers. I also enjoy walking down the streets and the Sunday market is amazing.”

Ms Mangogna said her Camberwell Junction store is a space she designed to truly showcase Bellite’s “simplicity and wellbeing vibes”.

“You can find the entire Bellite collection and also new collections that will be available soon in the other stores,” she said.

“What makes this place very special is that we use it as an incubator for new products and trends.”

If you are fashion curious, like to buy upcoming trends and have a love of European influences in your clothing, Bellite is certainly worth a visit.

Meet Anabela Mangogna of Bellite in Camberwell Junction

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Shop 16, Camberwell Arcade , 600-606 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

0410 414 642


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