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Sustainability programs in Camberwell Junction

Sustainability programs in Camberwell Junction

At Camberwell Junction, we understand the importance of doing our bit when it comes to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

Many of the businesses in the precinct are already doing great things, such as participating in plastic free programs, offering customers zero-waste alternatives, and switching to more environmentally friendly solutions.

Below we have highlighted some of the programs that our local businesses are involved in, as they each play their part in lowering their environmental footprint and contribute to our community in positive ways.

Plastic Free Business Program

The Plastic Free Business Program, lead by Boroondara Council, is now up and running. The businesses in the program will work towards completing phasing out single-use plastics over the coming year.

The Camberwell Junction businesses participating in the program include:

Sustainable shopping in Camberwell Junction

Sustainable shopping in Camberwell Junction

Many businesses in Camberwell Junction are taking action in a number of ways to reduce their environmental impact, such as banning plastic bags, emailing receipts, and promoting reusable coffee cups.

Here are just a few examples:

Package-free groceries

The Source Bulk Foods offers a no-waste shopping experience, where consumers can buy the exact amount of groceries they need and bring their purchases home in paper bags or their own containers.

Shoppers can also purchase package-free fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh meat and deli goods, from Camberwell Fresh Food Market, where most items are sold loose.

Recycling pre-loved linen

Sheridan Studio has a recycling program that collects pre-loved sheets and towels, reducing the number of old sheets and towels that end up in landfill. Customers are awarded a 10 per cent discount off future purchases when they bring in items for recycling.

Ditching single-use coffee cups

Numerous cafes in Camberwell Junction now encourage coffee drinkers to bring in a reusable cup for their caffeine fix, with some offering a discount for this.

For example, Little Pony Goes To Market offers customers a 30-cent discount on their coffee if they opt for their own cup over a disposable one.

Rex Espresso also offers customers the option to purchase a takeaway coffee in an edible cup made from oats and grains. Simply ask about it in-store.

Sustainable swaps

Soul Sisters Cafe made the switch from single-use plastic cutlery to BioPak options made from certified Birchwood. The wooden cutlery is compostable and will biodegrade without harming or polluting the environment.

Coles Local offers customers a range of sustainable ways to shop and offers loose fruit and vegetables, a frozen fruit ‘scoop and weigh’ station, as well as refill stations for coffee beans, olive oil, orange juice, and body and home care products including shampoo and washing detergents.

Eco-friendly fashion

Several fashion stores in Camberwell Junction are following environmentally friendly practices and ethical trade.

Decjuba established its sustainability strategy in 2021. This includes the introduction of more recycled and compostable materials in their packaging, decreasing their environmental and climate impact, sourcing 100% sustainable cotton, and reducing their water use in manufacturing denim. Learn more here.

Likewise, Country Road supports ethical trade and transparency across all aspects of their production and supply chains, which helps them to reduce waste, increase efficiency and protect natural resources so that the welfare of people, animals and the environment is a top priority. Read more here. Witchery, which is part of the Country Road Group, follows the same ethical and sustainable business practices. Learn more here.


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