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MickeyLee’s Pizza Bar

MickeyLee's Pizza Bar Camberwell

About MickeyLee’s Pizza Bar

MickeyLee’s is a pizza shop based in Camberwell.

The foundation of MickeyLee’s began with the chance meeting of two friends — Michael, the young go-getter, and Lino, the experienced pizza connoisseur.

Lino’s family ran a pizza restaurant and provided Michael with his first job. Lino took him under his wing to teach him everything he knew about the art of pizza making. Seeing the eagerness and determination in Michael, the pair started on ideas to create the best pizza around.

Side by side the two worked, bouncing ideas around for 6 years until they realised the time was right. The MickeyLee’s solution to the perfect pizza starts with their love of people. Helping MickeyLee’s family in turn helps them keep making better pizzas for you.

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