Find everything you need for Halloween 2018 in Camberwell

Find everything you need for Halloween 2018 in Camberwell

They’re the questions that haunt people at this time of year only: Will the tombstones be secure in the front garden? Where can I buy fake eyeballs? What should I give trick-or-treaters: ghosts or severed fingers?

Halloween is a great time of year to get together with family and friends and scare the living daylights out of people you don’t even know.

It’s a time of crafts and shopping for costumes, and candy – lots of candy.

And you can find everything you need for Halloween 2018 at Camberwell shopping precinct.

Food and drink

Whether you’re making blood-coloured punch with skull-shaped ice cubes, or shopping for fish, snags and salad for your Halloween themed barbecue, you’ll find all the ingredients you need at the Camberwell Fresh Food Market.

Make sure you stop off at Sweeties Fruit & Nuts for party nibbles.

Bake treats at home

Coffin-shaped cookies, monster cupcakes, jelly that looks like a pool of slime.

Halloween is a wonderful time to bake with kids and you can pick up everything you need to make truly gross treats from Coles, Woolworths or Aldi.

Only need a little bit of flour, a few nuts for decoration and small portions of other ingredients? Purchase the exact amount you need at The Source Bulk Foods.

If you’re keen to make super-healthy versions of otherwise naughty Halloween treats, head to Evergrin Organics for a great selection of fresh and organic food products.

Dress up

Whether your child wants to be a ghoul, skeleton or ghost-busting superhero, you’ll find a costume they’ll love at Jasmine Kids Outfitters and Kidstuff.

Dymocks Camberwell also has some costumes, as well as a stack of Halloween books to scare the pants off anyone.

If a scary sleepover is more your thing, head to Peter Alexander in Camberwell and choose a pair of spooktacular pyjamas – they’ve got everything from ghost nighties to skeleton onesies to Ghostbusters shorts. Make the most of their 20% off sale, on now.

Or if you’re feeling creative, why not make your own costume with bits and pieces picked up from Camberwell variety stores, like The Gift Bargain Store and Beyond’s Homewares?

Camberwell charity stores, such as Australian Red Cross or The Salvos, are also great for shopping for outfits that can be turned creepy with a little imagination. Prom date from hell, anyone?

Get crafty

Making your own Halloween decorations can be devilishly fun, and Riot Art and Craft has coloured paper, felt, glue, glitter and everything else you need to turn your home into a haunted house.

Target is also a great shopping destination to pick up those spooky extras, like fake spiders, cotton cobwebs, jack-o’-lanterns of every size, as well as Halloween themed paper plates and tableware.

Camberwell has it all

With more than 400 stores, you’re sure to find something suitable for trick-or-treating this year.

Camberwell shopping precinct has everything you need to make your Halloween extra spooky and extra special.



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