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A guide to bookshops in Camberwell Junction

A guide to bookshops in Camberwell Junction

It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, and its powers are limitless.

Immersing ourselves in books takes us to far flung places; transports us back in time or propels us into the future; immerses us in cultures and experiences that are out of reach in our daily lives.

The friends we make in books, the relationships we form, are as cherished as any in real life.

Book lovers know that the easiest way to escape the day-to-day grind or forget about the worries of the world is to drop into one of the many bookstores Camberwell Junction call home, and spend an afternoon curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a great book.

Camberwell Junction is a book lover’s dream. Whether your favourite reads are political biographies, the latest fiction, or spy novels from the 1970s, Camberwell bookshops have a page turner that’s sure to hit the spot.

Here’s a rundown of the best bookshops Camberwell Junction has on offer.

Dymocks Camberwell

For more than 20 years, Dymocks Camberwell has been the go-to Camberwell bookshop for readers who like to be spoiled for choice.

The family owned and operated bookshop has shelves packed with new releases, classic favourites, children’s books and cookbooks.

The Dymocks Camberwell team is renowned for their passionate and friendly service, and their ability to help customers source those hard-to-find books.

The store also caters to call-and-collect orders and offers a fast local delivery service for those who want to receive books straight to their homes

You’re sure to find your next favourite read at Dymocks Camberwell.

A guide to bookshops in Camberwell Junction

Pictured: Dymocks Camberwell is a bookshop that has been located in the Camberwell Junction precinct for more than 20 years.

Cook & Young

Visitors who walk into Cook & Young looking for the latest release often walk out with the book reviewers are raving about – and another one that caught their eye on a topic they never imagined.

In addition to carrying all the new releases, Cook & Young offers books about a range of topics including architecture, home and garden, and wellness.

Sainsburys Books

There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a book that has taken others on the same adventure and Sainsburys Books is the bookstore Camberwell readers go to for the best range of pre-loved books.

You’ll love treasure hunting among the tomes of Sainsburys Books, and because the bookstore specialises in rare, antique and out-of-print volumes, you never know what you’ll find.

Shops that sell books in Camberwell Junction

Shoppers of Camberwell Junction love a great read, so it’s no surprise that Camberwell Junction is home to so many stores that sell books.

Kmart is a great place to pick up the latest releases but is also known for stocking a huge range of children’s and young adult books, all at an affordable price.

If home decorating is your vibe, pop into Minimax and check out their range of beautiful home decor books, as well as titles about cooking and gardening.

The books stocked at Montebello Emporium are decorating items themselves. Featuring gorgeous coffee table books on topics such as design, fashion and photography, not only are they great reads, strategically placed on a coffee table or sideboard, they add a little chic to every room.

If you want to make reading fun for your kids, head down to Officeworks to find a range of children’s reading and activity books. Officeworks also stocks the kind of books they’ll need for school, including dictionaries and science and maths texts.

Buying books for a gift? Look no further than Paper Republic, which stocks an impressive array of gorgeous travel books, recipe books, and stunning coffee table books.

The bookstores Camberwell Junction call home offer everything a book lover needs to embark on their next adventure. Camberwell bookshops are staffed by passionate readers, so be sure to hit them up for a recommendation or two.


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