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A guide to op shops and second-hand goods in Camberwell Junction

A guide to op shops and second-hand goods in Camberwell Junction

It’s finding the perfect retro piece for your living room, picking up authentic tableware for your next 70s dinner party, or discovering a dress no one else will be wearing at your next formal event.

There’s much to love about pre-loved items because they can take on a new life or purpose or you can make something once cherished by another entirely your own.

Everyone who shops at the op shops in Camberwell Junction or those who go in search of second-hand goods understands that it’s not about bagging a bargain, it’s about the experience of searching for a hidden treasure and bringing quality stylish items into their home that have been loved and that have a story to tell.

Here’s where you can find the best retro, vintage and antique stores at Camberwell Junction, as well as the much-loved op shops Camberwell Junction is known for.

Op shops Camberwell

Salvos Stores Camberwell

When you shop for retro homewares and second-hand vintage fashion at the Salvos Stores in Camberwell Junction, you’re not just getting style and iconography at a bargain price.

All the proceeds of the sale go to supporting the charitable programs run by the Salvation Army. Now that’s an op shop purchase to feel good about!

Where to find second-hand goods in Camberwell Junction

Antique Toy World

It’s the store where you can find gorgeous wooden toys destined to be cherished and passed down to your grandchildren; where you unexpectedly come across the very same toy you played with as a child and had almost forgotten about; where dolls houses are wooden and intricate and look like something from an Enid Blyton book.

There’s something special about the pre-loved and second-hand toys at Antique Toy World. They come with a story, to which you can add your own.

Camberwell Antique Centre

Whether you’re a collector or just a casual lover of antiques and retro treasures, you’ll spend hours browsing through the wares at Camberwell Antique Centre.

For those decorating a room or looking for a special centrepiece, you’ll find antique and period furniture, vintage radios and typewriters, and art from every era.

If you’re the entertaining type there’s collectable china, pottery, glass, Oriental collectables, and other objets d’art.


If you’re decorating a room in mid-century style or searching for a statement piece to bring your current décor to life, you’ll find a huge range of antiques, lovingly restored at Apologue.

The philosophy of Apologue is that every piece of furniture should tell a story, and the friendly staff are happy to share the stories behind all their pieces.

Diamond Persian Rug Gallery

If you’re looking for a genuine Persian rug that will add character and a piece of history to your home, look no further than Diamond Persian Rug Gallery.

The store is renowned for carefully sourcing authentic vintage and antique Persian rugs of the highest quality, and can even issue a certificate of authenticity with every piece sold.


Rutherford is a name known by lovers of vintage jewellery across Melbourne.

Specialists in antique, estate and vintage jewellery, Rutherford has an amazing collection of Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco pieces to suit every style.

One thing’s for sure: a gift of jewellery from Rutherford is one that will be treasured for generations.

Sainsburys Books

A well-thumbed book doesn’t just tell the story contained in the book, it tells the story of everyone who has come before, all those who have curled up on the sofa experiencing the same adventure, falling in love with the same characters.

Sainsburys Books has a wide selection of antique and pre-loved books, including rare and first editions. Browse through their extensive range of art and coffee table books, fiction, poetry and leather-bound hard copies.

Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market

The hundreds of stalls that transform a car park into the vibrant, sprawling Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market is a hot spot for lovers of everything antique, vintage and retro.

Perhaps you’re searching for vintage decor or art, maybe you love retro fashion, or you could even be looking for tableware with a stylish flair. Camberwell Junction’s iconic market is a treasure trove of sentimental, unique and beautiful gems.

If you love searching for hidden finds or appreciate fashion and decor that harks back to a time when goods were made to last, you can spend hours enjoying Camberwell op shops and all the second-hand stores dotted around Camberwell Junction.


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