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A guide to pet shops in Camberwell Junction

A guide to pet shops in Camberwell Junction

Pets are as unique and individual as the families who have welcomed them into their homes.

Some pets enjoy a morning run in the park; others just like to curl up in our laps. Some spend their days doing laps of a tank; while others hop and twitch their whiskered noses. Some greet you at the door with a waggy tail and a wet nose; while others slither around, scaring the pants off visitors.

Yet, while they may look different, all pets are beloved members of our family and deserve the best care and attention – and no matter whether your fur baby has fur or feathers or gills or scales, you’ll find everything you need to care for it at the pet shops Camberwell has on offer.

Here’s our guide to pet shops (and shops that sell pet supplies) in Camberwell Junction:


You choose natural, healthy and sustainable food for your family, and for those who consider their fur-babies to be part of the family you want to feed them in the same way.

Bugsy’s is the pet shop Camberwell shoppers turn to when only the healthiest and most ethical will do.

It’s staffed by vets, a nutritionist, and a certified herbalist committed to creating healthy meals, snacks and treats for your pet.

They incorporate ancient Eastern and Western healing philosophies to produce premium pet food that will keep your pets in tip top condition.

Petbarn Camberwell

Forget running around to multiple stores for supplies for all your pets – Petbarn has them all under the one roof.

There’s everything you need to feed and care for cats, dogs, birds, fish, small animals like mice and hamsters – even our cold-blooded lizard and snake friends!

At Petbarn all animals are created equal, and staff are as knowledgeable and committed to the wellbeing of the family goldfish as they are to dogs of the highest pedigree.

Wagtime Co.

Caring for a dog isn’t just about feeding them the correct food, it’s about keeping them active, healthy and emotionally and mentally nurtured.

For many working families, that means doggy day care, and for the best in the business you can’t go past Wagtime Co.

Wagtime Co. is a dog grooming and day-care centre that runs a program designed to provide a safe environment for your dog to exercise and socialise with other pups under the careful supervision of trained professionals.

Days are individually structured to balance your dog’s physical exercise and rest needs, as well as provide mental stimulation and mental enrichment activities.

Camberwell supermarkets for pet supplies

When you need to pick up last-minute pet food and other pet care needs, Camberwell Junciton’s supermarkets are there for you.

Aldi, Coles Local, and Woolworths are stocked with a variety of food options for most family pets, and also sell toys, flea collars and powders, and treats for that special pet that has been a very good boy.

All the pet shops Camberwell has on offer are staffed by people who understand that pets are a part of the family and are ready to help you understand what your best friend needs to be healthy and happy.


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