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A guide to shoe shops in Camberwell Junction

A guide to shoe shops in Camberwell Junction

Shoes are arguably the hardest working piece of clothing you will wear. They protect your feet, support you in your daily life, and keep you warm or cool.

Shoes are a key element of our fashion looks and can set us up for how we feel all day long, while also being essential to our health and wellbeing.

We all have shoes for different occasions, and it’s important that each pair matches not just our outfit, but our lives.

Whatever your lifestyle, Camberwell Junction has a shoe shop for every one of your footwear needs and style aspirations.

Here’s our guide to shoe shops in Camberwell Junction:

Active Feet

Footwear that is designed by podiatrists and is created using the latest technology makes Camberwell’s Active Feet the choice of shoe shop for those who love gorgeous footwear that loves their feet back. Think peak comfort with optimum style.


Embracing the Scandinavian design philosophy of superior design and sleek style, ECCO is a great Camberwell shoe shop for those who value design and will not compromise on quality. Their timeless designs mean their shoes will last for many years.

Frankie4 Footwear

Frankie4 Footwear is an Australian label that was founded by podiatrist and physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch, who believed that foot health should never be compromised for fashion. Featuring stylish and on-trend designs, this Camberwell shoe shop ticks all the boxes.


Midas is a Melbourne institution, and a shoe shop that stylish Camberwell women have frequented for generations. Known for impeccable quality and chic and elegant designs, this shoe shop has footwear for every occasion.

A guide to shoe shops in Camberwell Junction


Mountfords captures modern urban style, with a range of footwear for men and women that perfectly captures the feel of city living. Contemporary and classic ranges that are made to last, this Camberwell shoe shop has all your footwear staples.

Paul Carroll Shoes

Offering a unique mix of style and comfort, Paul Carroll Shoes offers men’s and women’s shoes that are designed for the discerning shopper who believes fast fashion has no place on our feet. It’s a shoe shop that specialises in shoe fittings and also offers a huge range of orthotic-friendly shoes.

Step Ahead Shoes

A family run business with “leather in our blood”, for over 30 years, Step Ahead Shoes has been showcasing a range of Spanish and Italian footwear that is special enough to treasure but comfortable enough to wear every day.

Shoes & Sox

The importance of good shoes for kids cannot be overstated, with a mountain of research showing that shoes should be a part of every child’s healthcare plan. Camberwell’s Shoes & Sox is a shoe shop that features a wide range of shoes for young people, whose feet are still growing, and whose choice of footwear will set them up for life.

The Athlete’s Foot

The Athlete’s Foot specialises in footwear for those who lead active lives – and need the right shoe for their particular activities. Whether you’re a runner, a gym junkie, or just someone who spends their day racing around, the highly trained fit technicians will help determine the perfect fit for your feet.

Fashion stores that sell shoes

Of course, footwear is about more than just utility. Shoes are a fashion statement and are the finishing touch on every ensemble – so when you’re putting a look together, why not get your shoes from the stores that created the actual look?

Camberwell’s Blue Illusion, Country Road, Decjuba, Trenery and Witchery all feature shoes specifically designed to be coordinated with their fashion pieces, and Cavalier, Gazman and Seed all have shoes that fit with this season’s looks as well as future fashion trends.

Whatever your individual style or needs, Camberwell’s shoe shops offer everything you need to step out in style and good health.


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