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Find everything for your Diwali celebrations in Camberwell Junction

Find everything for your Diwali celebrations in Camberwell Junction

Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights, is one of the most important holidays for Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world.

Symbolising the triumph of light over darkness, the five-day religious celebrations are linked to the legend of Lord Rama, who was exiled from his kingdom for 14 years before defeating the evil spirit Ravana.

Diwali celebrates his victory and triumphant homecoming.

Based on the Indian lunar calendar, Diwali takes place in October or November each year and coincides with the Hindu New Year.

It is a time for prayer and religious rituals, family gatherings and an auspicious time to start a new business.

This year’s celebrations will take place from October 22 – 26, with main observance taking place on the third day of celebrations, on October 24.

While Diwali is best known for the feasts and spectacular fireworks displays of Lakshmi Puja, the third day of observances, each of the five days has a different purpose and rituals.

Festivities include lighting diyas (clay oil lamps) and sparklers, decorating homes with colourful rangolis (circle art patterns) and the sharing of gifts and sweets.

At Camberwell Junction you’ll find everything you need for your Diwali celebrations.

Lights and candles

Sri Maha Lakshmi, one of the principal Hindu goddesses, is the main deity worshiped during Diwali.

Throughout the festival, the faithful light lamps and candles to attract Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth, fortune, fertility and wellbeing – into their homes to bestow blessings and prosperity for the year ahead.

On the first day of Diwali, Dhanteras, tea lights are placed around entryways and balconies to bring good fortune.

Head to Kmart for a wide range of fairy lights, candles, lamps and projectors.

Stock up on tea lights, sparklers, matches and lighters at Coles Local or Woolworths, and get speciality candles, which also make great gifts, from one of Camberwell Junction’s gift shops.

Flowers, fruit and sweets

As part of the worshipping time of Diwali, offerings of flowers, fruits and sweets are made.

On Narak Chaturdashi, the second day of Diwali, family and friends will exchange mithai (sweets). These sweets are often made with dairy, which has religious significance, and will be offered to gods and guests.

Many also decorate the floors of their homes with rangolis, which are intricate patterns made from coloured powder, rice and flowers.

A range of fresh flowers and fruit are available from Camberwell Junction’s local florists and Camberwell Fresh Food Market.

For sweets, head to The Chocolate Box, Sweeties Fruit and Nuts and Laurent Patisserie.

Fresh food

Family feasts are enjoyed throughout Diwali but particularly on the fourth day, Govardhan Puja, when food offerings are prepared for puja.

Get all your fresh food from Camberwell Junction’s grocers and supermarkets.

Short on time? You may also wish to celebrate Diwali with a meal or catering from a local Indian restaurant like the Camberwell Curry House and Tandoori Den.


On the final day of Diwali, Bhaiya Dooj, the sibling bond is celebrated.

Traditionally, brothers will visit and bring gifts to their sisters, who honour them with special rituals and mithai.

Friends and family also give each other meaningful tokens of appreciation during Diwali. A range of gifts can be found at Camberwell Junction’s gift shops including Montebello Emporium, Paper Republic and Portobello Jewellery.

You can also stock up on chai and other teas at T2 Tea.

With more than 400 stores, Camberwell Junction has a wide range of goods and services to light up your Diwali festivities.



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