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Celebrate spring 2021 in Camberwell Junction

Celebrate spring 2021 in Camberwell Junction

Spring is a universally loved season because it well and truly ticks every sensory box: the feel of sun and warmth on our skin, the taste of new season produce, the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass, the visual delight of flowers blooming around us.

At Camberwell Junction precinct, spring is also all about satisfying that lesser known but equally strong sensory delight: shopping!

It’s a time to sample new season fashion looks and prepare our spring racing outfits, get back to our fitness routines, shed our old skin with beauty treatments, and refresh our homes and our lives with new decorating ideas.

This spring, Camberwell Junction precinct is coming alive with all the inspiration and offers to make you brim with happiness.

Spring into new season fashion

Spring into new season fashion

Spring means we can embrace colour again, so the first thing you need to know about the new season trends is what colour to wear.

This spring is all about the pastel palette – think lilac jumpsuits, lemon sorbet suits, and cool mint trench coats. Other trending colours for fashion include earthy organs, buttercream neutrals and a pop of hot pink for the colour obsessed.

The ‘it’ item of the season is the boyfriend jacket; oversized, loose fit blazers, with shoulder pads that mean business – all the better if it’s pastel.

Now is also the time to plan your Spring Racing Carnival ensemble. This season’s looks are all about structure and texture. Corsets are back (think 90s Madonna, scaled down), so is mesh, crochet and braiding, although in 2021 it’s more of a loose fitting, lighter style.

To check current trading conditions for Camberwell’s fashion stores, including options for click-and-collect and home delivery, view our directory here.

Spring sales Camberwell Junction

Spring offers

Don’t miss out on new season offers, promotions and sales. To find the full range of spring offers from stores in Camberwell, click here.

Refresh your health, wellness and beauty routine

Summer’s just around the corner, and spring is the time to up your fitness and beauty routines, and after months of sitting on the couch it’s time to get back into shape.

Spruce up for spring with Camberwell Junction’s wide range of salons. Treat yourself to a massage and facial, exfoliate away that winter layer, and lose that iso-fuzz. Many local beauty salons are also offering at-home care packages so you can enjoy a pamper session from the comfort of your couch.

Beauty really does radiate from inside, so now is the time to stock up on all the fresh produce with a visit to Camberwell Fresh Food Market and Coltivare, and then supercharge your wellbeing with a selection of health foods from The Source Bulk Foods or Great Earth Super Discount Shop.

With sunnier days on the rise, it makes exercising outdoors fun as well as beneficial, but if you prefer a guided fitness regimen, talk to a local gym or fitness studio to see if they’re offering online workouts.

Redecorate with spring homewares

Redecorate with spring homewares

Extend your fresh spring attitude by giving your home interior a refresh with some new season decorating ideas.

Stripes, wide and in muted tones, are all the rage – think wallpaper reminiscent of a fancy Parisian hotel, and bed linen featuring stripes of white and softly off-white.

Cottage style prints or tropical themes are also everywhere, with statement furniture, cushions, and decoration pieces to really liven up a room.

Whatever home décor ideas you embrace, make sure they are served up with a healthy dose of minimalism. Nothing says fresh and clean like an uncluttered space, but this year home decorating trends are telling us to think minimalist yet homely.

For more ideas, be sure to check out our range of homewares stores in Camberwell Junction.

Everyone loves a spring clean, and everything you need to freshen up every area of your life is in the one place this season – Camberwell Junction precinct.

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