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Spring/summer 2023 homewares: Decor ideas to spruce up your home

Spring/summer 2023 homewares: Decor ideas to spruce up your home

Spring is a time of freshness and renewal, while summer really allows us to embrace joy and happiness. And there’s no better way to lift our spirits than to give our home decor a revamp!

Camberwell Junction’s homewares and home decor stores are unveiling their new spring and summer collections, and there’s so much you’ll want for your home right now.

We’ve picked out the major trends for spring/summer 2023 home decor – they’re fresh, they’re new, and they’re all available in Camberwell Junction.

Here’s what to look out for:

Modern retro

It’s vintage home decor but with a modern twist. Think chrome finishes on furniture and light fittings, mottled amber glass, fringes and tassels – if it would look at home in the Brady Bunch house, you’ve nailed it.

Give rooms a total revamp with new wallpaper, but don’t even look at delicate little patterns – this spring/summer think big, bold prints or jungle themes.

If you think that’s well out there, you’d better sit down on a simplistic brown sofa while we reveal the next big thing: cork. Put it on your floors, put it on your walls, or for a less radical look, put it on your dining room table in the form of placemats. This is modern retro decor at its finest.

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Contrasting materials

A great home decorating rule this season is to think of a texture, consider the opposite, and then put them both together.

Contrasting textures and materials is what this year’s spring/summer home decor trends are all about. It’s sofas made from hard wood, with soft cushioning; it’s minimalist walls with over-the-top art; it’s chrome drinks trolley next to the oak sideboard.

The trend extends to the colour palette also. While neutral and natural tones are all the rage, they are right at home when set against bold and bright furnishings and homewares.

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Statement vases

You would expect flowers to feature in any spring/summer homewares trend report, but this season all eyes are not on the beautiful blooms, rather the amazing vase they’re sitting in.

Think big and bold, with eye-popping designs and created in a colour palette that requires sunglasses to truly admire.

Glass vases are a big hit, but not a clear vase will be seen. Instead think swirling shades and pops of colours. Ceramic vases are also very popular, but they must be adorned with vibrant patterns or painted works of art.

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The romcom aesthetic

The annual Pinterest Predicts Report is always a great indicator of fashion trends, and in 2023 the list of decorating trends was topped by what is called the ‘romcom aesthetic’. It’s a little bit nostalgic, a little bit romantic, and is designed to make us smile whenever we walk into a room.

Get your inspiration from all of the best loved romantic comedies of the 1990s. Think a fresh, breezy room; nicely framed art; an uncluttered room that lives by the adage; and if it’s on display, it had better be beautiful. Create a cosy vibe with a stack of books, a delightful teacup and saucer, or a kitchen shelf lined with pretty labeled bottles.

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Woodgrain floors and wool carpets

If you’re planning to do renovations and want to refresh your flooring, there are a couple of styles currently trending: woodgrain floors and wool carpets.

Wooden flooring is a classic choice for flooring because it rarely goes out of style, but this season it’s all about choosing natural colours to create a gentle aesthetic that’s perfect for promoting a relaxing atmosphere. While traditional wood flooring is here to stay, we’re also seeing rising popularity in herringbone and parquet designs to add depth and character to the home.

When it comes to carpet, the soft, plush wool styles are in. Excellent for resistance to wear and tear, wool carpets also provide natural insulation by reducing draughts and retaining warmth. Especially as homeowners look to add value to their houses, wool carpets offer a robust and durable option for those seeking comfort and quality.

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Giving our living spaces a revamp or new look isn’t just about what looks great – it’s about recharging our lives, inspiring our minds, and feeling our souls. This spring/summer, all the brilliance you need to lift your home decorating style is in Camberwell Junction.


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