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These are the key fashion trends for spring 2023

These are the key fashion trends for spring 2023

Imagine warm nights, sipping local wine at a relaxed Italian bar with George Clooney look-alikes, daytimes exploring flower markets and drinking coffee – now imagine the wardrobe. That’s the fashion vibe for spring 2023!

Putting spring fashion style together is easy, with a few key pieces and looks that will have you looking chic and entirely on-trend, and Camberwell Junction has them all.

Here are the key fashion trends to adopt this season:

Tailored suits and sets

Tailored suits don’t have to be stiff, rigid and boring – in fact, this spring, they should be quite the opposite. Think soft, cool linens in natural fibres; neutral tones or stark white; balmy evenings on the Italian Riviera.

This season’s suits can be wide-legged pants teamed with a gently tailored blazer, or switch it up with a flowing box-pleated skirt or elegant shorts.

You can hit peak-suit look by adding a vest or waistcoat, technically making it a three-piece suit and you an absolute fashion maven.

Check out the wide range of suits and sets at Camberwell Junction’s fashion boutiques.

Sheer garments

They say less is more and this spring’s fashion trends tell us that less is referring to thread count.

This season, the best dressed are going to be the underdressed, with dresses, skirts and tops as sheer as you have the courage to go.

Chiffon is going to be huge, but closely followed by lace or fine mesh, and the hot Spring Racing Carnival fashion tip is that A-list celebrities are heading to Camberwell Junction to snap up looks that incorporate all three.


Anyone who has ever had to carry, well anything, will know the true value of pockets – but did you know that pockets are a key trend this spring?

Too much is never enough – think cargo pants packed with pockets, and vests and light jackets adorned with pouches.

In a trend few saw coming, the fishermen’s vest (or a couture version of the fishermen’s vest) is shaping up to be the ‘it’ item of the season. Happily, plastic waders are not.

Mary Jane shoes

In a move that has chiropractors weeping for joy, this spring, heels are a no-no.

The style trend dominating Camberwell Junction’s shoe stores is ballet flats and Mary Janes (which are basically ballet flats with a strap – super cute and super practical).

Teamed with a suit for the office, a flowing dress for something a little more fun, or with jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend, the Mary Jane has always been the most versatile of shoe.

Audrey Hepburn was rarely seen without her signature black ballet flats, but this spring, feel free to throw in a little texture. Consider fabrics like suede, canvas, and even mesh for a show-stopping shoe this spring.

Find more footwear inspiration for the season at Camberwell Junction’s shoe stores.

Oversized bags

Whoever deemed that the-tinier-the-better handbag trend we’ve seen dominating the last few seasons was a good idea, has been shown the door, and the counter-revolution has begun.

This spring’s must-have accessory is the handbag, and it’s big. It can contain your whole life, which, let’s face it, most handbags do.

In fact, the big bag is so big, it’s not even a handbag – it’s a tote or shopper, only a little fancier and funkier than shoppers of old.

Whether it’s monogrammed with your initials, adorned with clever art, or simply finished with fine embellishment, the tote or shopper is the one bag you’ll need all spring.

True style is knowing the trends and finding the looks that best suit you, and with so many fashion boutiques, Camberwell Junction is the one place you need to head for spring fashion.

Find a full list of our fashion stores here.



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