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3 women’s fashion trends for spring 2021

3 women’s fashion trends for spring 2021

Spring in Camberwell Junction is a time to celebrate new life, renewed optimism, brighter days – and of course, a new wardrobe!

The new season brings the opportunity to revamp our looks with the hottest new styles, and those fashion-forward stores that call Camberwell Junction home have all the latest trends to put a spring in our steps.

Here are three key fashion trends you need to embrace this spring.

Make it mini

They say the best things come in small packages, and this spring the fashion trends are embracing the notion, with miniskirts making a comeback in a big way.

Forget the flounce – this season’s minis are all about structure, with A-line skirts in denim or thick cotton hitting the spot.

Embellishment is taking a step back with bold statement buttons in brass the only thing you need.

If you prefer your skirts with a bit of fullness, check out the latest trend of loose minimalist pleating but with thick cotton fabric.

Despite strong, bold cuts, feminine features play a role in the form of pastel colours: cotton candy pink, lime green, and light purple adding a bit of fun and colour.

Simple knits

This spring’s knitwear is all about understated elegance.

Simple, excellent quality knitwear should be a staple of every wardrobe, and ticks all the versatility boxes, being able to be teamed with jeans and skirts for a casual weekend look, or trousers and high heels for evening.

For this fashion trend, the defining feature of knitwear is the rib. Whether you choose a classic design, or prefer a rib that’s a little bolder or different, the style is in the design.

Every Camberwell fashionista knows that necklines are everything, and this spring’s fashion trends focus on the crew neck or boat neck, with a cameo appearance by arguably the most flattering neckline: the V-neck.

Statement trousers

While knitwear and skirts are all about simplicity, trousers did not get the memo.

While other garments were toning it down, after a year of being all about the sweatpants, trousers were getting the party started.

Statement trousers are huge this spring, and we’re not just talking about bold colours and eye-catching checks and prints. This season’s hottest look is the wide leg, which also gets the nod of approval by the comfort police.

Like its skirt counterpart, this spring’s trousers feature big bold buttons and waistlines that won’t be put in the corner.

Whether you go bold, or a little less bold, the thing to remember with the statement trouser is that it should be the centre of your look, complemented with a simple knit or shirt.

These three spring fashion trends are dominating the Camberwell Junction shops – the only question now is, how many variations will you try?

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