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How to make the most of your Sunday in Camberwell Junction

How to make the most of your Sunday in Camberwell Junction

After a jam-packed week running around with work and family commitments, Sunday is the one day of the week we just want to stay put – but still enjoy great food, a little shopping, and some fun activities.

Sundays don’t have to be spent racing around from one place to another, and they shouldn’t be spent in the car.

The great news is that in Camberwell Junction, everything you need to unwind, relax and create priceless memories for you and your whole family is all in the one spot, and you’re spoiled for choice.

Here’s our pick of the best ways to spend Sunday in Camberwell Junction.

A morning at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market

Beautiful Sundays start with a coffee in one hand, donut in the other, and a wander through Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

When the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market opened more than four decades ago, it comprised just 48 stalls and was the secret Sunday pleasure known only to locals.

Flash forward to today, and the market is now home to more than 380 stalls, with visitors coming from all across Melbourne. And for good reason!

Whether you’re on the hunt for homewares or art to decorate your home; a vintage dress for your next special event; or perhaps you’re a shopper who lets your sentimentality and imagination guide your treasure hunting, you’ll find it at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

Who knows what else you’ll find? Maybe vintage toys built to last, a 1970s dinner set, a typewriter, or records to add to your collection.

The joy is all in finding the treasure.

How to make the most of your Sunday in Camberwell Junction

Continue to coffee and brunch

By the time you say goodbye to the sights and sounds of the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market, you’re going to need coffee and food – so why not sit down for a delicious brunch at one of Camberwell Junction’s most loved cafes.

Whether you’re a traditionalist who believes every brunch needs to include eggs, bacon and smashed avocado, or you love exploring new healthy options, or you like your brunch with a touch of adventure, in Camberwell Junction you’re spoiled for choice.

Heritage Wall serves up an exciting brunch menu infused with Middle Eastern flavours; for those with a sweet tooth, Choclatte offers delicious hot chocolate, pastries and cakes; and Rumour Has It is known for its uncomplicated, timeless dishes.

Prospect Espresso and Legacy are also fantastic, vibrant cafes that do brunch guaranteed to hit the spot.

The one thing we can all agree on is coffee, and Camberwell Junction is a coffee-lover’s dream with cafes that feature a wide range of beans and flavours.

For more foodie inspiration, be sure to view the full list of cafes and restaurants in Camberwell Junction via the shop directory.

How to make the most of your Sunday in Camberwell Junction

Sunday shopping and leisure experiences

Camberwell Junction’s boutiques and fashion stores include some of the big chains, as well as smaller bespoke fashion stores – perfect for anyone wanting to spend their Sunday curating a new look or checking out the new season must-haves.

When it comes to style, Camberwell Junction also has your home covered, with a wide range of homewares stores to help you create a whole new look or simply lift your home decor.

Sunday is a great time to do your grocery shopping and Camberwell Junction takes your weekly shop into an inspiring weekly outing, with fresh produce stores, gorgeous health food shops, and international cuisine grocery stores.

Of course, Camberwell Junction is more than just shops, with a wide range of fun experiences to fill up your Sunday.

Discover a new, fun fitness activity at a modern gym, stretch out to soothing sounds in an oasis-like yoga or Pilates studio, or hit the floor and learn the moves at a dance studio.

Or why not meet up with some friends at one of Camberwell Junction’s eclectic wine bars for an afternoon drink? You could also settle in to watch the latest blockbuster in the gorgeous art deco surrounds of the Rivoli Cinemas.

Create the perfect Sunday in Camberwell Junction

Fun Sundays are yours to curate at Camberwell Junction, thanks to the wide range of activities on offer.

Whether your itinerary is heavy on shopping, big on brunch, or fuses fitness with fine wines and a movie in between, you can cross off dashing from place to place – it’s all in the one location in Camberwell Junction.



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