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Women’s fashion: must-have coats and jackets for winter 2021

Women’s fashion: must-have coats and jackets for winter 2021

Back in our mothers’ time, winter coats were all about function and women had one – or maybe two if they were cashed up and a little bit fancy.

While some things never change (we still need our winter jackets to keep us warm!), these days those with an eye for fashion know that one coat simply is not enough.

That’s why the stylishly cosy of Camberwell have four key coats and jackets hanging in their closet and on high rotation.

These are the must-have winter 2021 coats and jackets you’ll fall in love with, and they’re waiting for you at Camberwell shopping precinct.

1. The teddy coat

Ever wondered what it would be like to be hugged by a giant teddy bear?

The fashionistas of Camberwell are revelling in the experience, with this winter’s number one coat flying off the shelves – and the reason needs no explanation!

Soft, thick, and warm, the teddy coat ticks all comfort boxes – the only decision to make is which colour to choose.

Whether you love crisp winter white, want to keep it classic with camel, or are continuing your love affair with dusky pink (who isn’t?), you can embrace them all in the comfort of the teddy coat.

2. The shirt jacket

Combining chic tailoring and a corporate cut, the shirt jacket (also known as the ‘shacket’) is the perfect city coat for the stylish workday or elegant evening.

The classic shirt jacket features pockets, a collar, and a square cut design destined to last for years. But for winter 2021, a longer, looser, but no less stylish shirt jacket is also emerging.

Whichever you choose to be right on trend, just make sure the boundaries of shirt and jacket are well and truly blurred.

3. The puffer jacket

They had their origins on the ski slopes and in chalets but have morphed into stylish and fashionable city wear that is also perfect for that weekend away in the country.

Puffer jackets are the perfect barrier to the cold and rain, and this winter’s offerings put a new spin on the classic coat.

This season’s puffer jackets will eradicate any Michelin Man-type anxieties, with square cuts and sleek designs created in styles that are short on bulk and big on style.

A special shout-out to the awesome Australian designers combining high fashion detailing and dramatic quilting to create a look that is straight off the catwalks of fashion week.

4. The longline coat

There are fashion essentials that never go out of style, and the one must-have of every woman’s winter wardrobe is the longline coat.

Chic and streamlined, the longline coat pays homage to its trench coat close relatives – but for winter 2021, the key fashion feature is colour.

The classic longline coat features the tuxedo lapels and pockets you would expect, but in a crisp icy blue, rich green, and fire engine red. Of course, camel is a classic colour and on-trend, and can truly be described as an investment piece.

Camberwell’s stylish stores have all the key winter fashion trends for 2021 covered, including the latest coats and jackets, with a range of styles, colours, and prices to match any occasion or mood.

Find winter coats and jackets in Camberwell:

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