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Celebrate winter 2022 in Camberwell Junction

Celebrate winter 2022 in Camberwell Junction

Winter is universally loved for its elegant fashion, nourishing food, and homely, cosy activities – and Camberwell Junction is heating up with everything you need to embrace winter 2022.

Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, redecorating your space, or venturing out for a hot meal at your favourite restaurant, there are plenty of ways to embrace the winter season.

Here are our top picks for having a wonderful winter in Camberwell Junction shopping precinct.

Celebrate winter 2022 in Camberwell Junction

Update your winter wardrobe

There’s a lot for fashion lovers to get excited about in winter 2022, with two key trends guaranteed to warm your body and lift your soul – and you can shop them all at Camberwell Junction.

This season you cannot have enough woollen dresses, the ‘it’ piece of the season. Go for a body-hugging wool dress, teamed with a belt and boots for the office or strappy heels for a night on the town. Or opt for a loose-fitting style for casual weekends, which will feel like a warm and cosy hug.

The second trend taps into what those in the fashion biz call ‘kidcore trends’ that have been progressively dominating fashion blogs and retail windows. We’re talking about bright colours – vibrant pinks, electric blues, fire-engine reds – and we’re talking head to toe.

That means suits that burst with colour, dresses and matching jackets, pants and sweater sets from the same tonal family. That family is called eye-popping – hit the huge selection of fashion boutiques at Camberwell Junction shopping precinct and go wild!

You can find more style trends and tips here or visit our fashion directory to source the best in fashion in Camberwell Junction.

Celebrate winter 2022 in Camberwell Junction

Explore winter offers

The change of season brings new offers, promotions and sales. To see the full range of winter offers from stores in Camberwell Junction, click here.

Dine in or out

Winter fare is all about comfort and warmth, with dishes that nourish our bodies and comfort our souls just ready to be created at home or served to us in one of Camberwell Junction’s warm restaurants or cafes.

Cold, rainy days are perfect for staying indoors and cooking up a winter feast. Camberwell Junction’s fresh food stores are brimming with new season produce, hearty winter vegetables and our favourite seasonal fruits. Plus, our supermarkets have all the ingredients you need to put them together into warm, nourishing meals.

Perhaps you’ll create family favourite stews and casseroles that spend hours fusing flavours in the slow cooker, or maybe you’ll try your hand that traditional French dish that has been loved by generations.

A wonderful feature of warm, homemade dishes is that many can be made on the weekends and enjoyed throughout the week.

For those nights when dinner is best prepared by someone else, or you’re celebrating a special occasion, the restaurants across the Camberwell Junction shopping precinct are serving up dishes that will delight the tastebuds.

Why not explore global cuisines and find a world of food at one of Camberwell Junction’s multi-cultural eateries? Or book a quiet table at your favourite restaurant and settle in for a warm, welcoming winter meal.

Celebrate winter 2022 in Camberwell Junction

Embrace winter comforts

Winter is a gorgeous time of year to get out and about in Camberwell Junction, with activities perfect for the cooler weather.

Catch up with friends over drinks and nibbles at one of Camberwell Junction’s warm and welcoming wine bars, or schedule in date night at a cosy cocktail bar.

Grab some warm snacks and settle in with the latest blockbuster at the gorgeous Rivoli Cinemas.

Moving is a great way to stay warm over winter, so why not check out Camberwell Junction’s gyms, health and wellness options?

Winter is also a great time to give your home a makeover, redecorating with warm furnishings from our range of homewares stores.

For those days when moving off the couch away from the heater is not an option, make sure you have plenty of good reads from Dymocks on hand. Or stop in at Sainsburys Books to find a unique, pre-loved book.

Celebrating all we love about winter is easy at Camberwell Junction shopping precinct!


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