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Sharon Davis Music

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Sharon Davis Music

About Sharon Davis Music

At Sharon Davis Music, we help students love music.

We specialise in group piano and group guitar classes, where each song has multiple difficulty levels. This means everyone in the group can play something that’s a perfect fit. Peer motivation encourages learning, and performing regularly in class means students are comfortable performing from day one. We teach students from 4 years up to adults in a fun, supportive environment.

We also offer private lessons in bass, vocals, trumpet, clarinet, sax and more.

Keynotes is underpinned by sound teaching pedagogy. It’s written by Melanie Bowes, who has a Masters in Music Education, and is currently further developing her knowledge as she undertakes a PhD. The program is delivered internationally, and continues to be developed.

Offers & Events

Tue Jan 16 to Thur Jan 18 - 9.30 to 3.30 each day

School Holiday Piano Program

Daily 30 minutes group Piano Classes at Sharon Davis Music Camberwell ( Max 6 per group), in fully equiped studio.
Participants are grouped by age and piano experience. (Beginners welcome). Also fun art and craft activities and music education games to keep kids engaged and entertained
Enjoy a Mini performance on the last day
Sharon Davis Music is at 2/321 Camberwell Road - Click to book or call 0485 878 151