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Menswear fashion trends for winter 2021

Menswear fashion trends for winter 2021

If men’s fashion winter 2021 was a movie, it would be Back to the Future, but instead of the going back 20 years and putting on all the cool clothes of the era, it’s like the clothes travelled to the future, met a stylist, and then put themselves on us.

Let me explain.

If you’re a guy looking to up your style game this winter, you’ll be happy to learn that the three key trends are all classic styles that you love and were probably faves of your dad too, but with a point of difference.

While menswear trends of the season are much loved classics, they’re being delivered with a very modern twist – and they’re hitting the menswear stores of Camberwell right now.

Here’s what you need to know about the three key menswear winter fashion trends for 2021.

The crew knit

Once the domain of computer nerds and dads who just got home from the office, the crew knit is dominating the fashion stakes this winter.

The crew knit is a popular menswear choice because it delivers peak comfort – not itchy or scratchy like conventional jumpers, and not so bulky it’ll make you break out into a sweat the minute you walk indoors. The crew knit is mid-weight, a relaxed fit, and features a simple round neck.

There’s no need to stray from the traditional dark blues and greens; this winter add a bit of style by choosing a crew neck with interesting weave patterns and contrasting cuffs and necks.

The classic chino

This winter, the gods of fashion are truly smiling on the men of Camberwell, with another comfy wardrobe staple making the fashion grade: the classic chino.

It’s like the jeans you wear when you can’t or don’t want to wear jeans, but when trousers are just a little too fancy.

This season’s chinos are straight cut but not skintight, and are fashioned from a cotton blend that has a little ‘give’, making them a comfy choice for all occasions, but especially those where a lot of food will be consumed.

This winter choose a colour that pays homage to the desert explorers of old – camel, sand, or light olive.

Team your chinos with a crew neck for casual weekends, or a shirt for those more formal or corporate events.

The bomber

Those who can remember the 80s, and those who quietly enjoy an 80s movie, will remember the much-loved bomber jacket.

Well, it’s making a comeback and we can all be happy about that.

Yet, while the 80s bomber was all about puffiness and sew-on badges, winter 2021 is serving up the classic jacket with a little more tailoring and a whole lot of understated cool.

The loose fit and zip front are still there, but the cut is straighter and embellishments non-existent. Imagine the bomber jacket just grew up and got a job.

Choose subdued colours like steel, camel, or dark green to be really on-trend.

If you love the new winter menswear looks, the even better news is that the three key trends are all available at the one place: Camberwell shopping precinct.

Find menswear winter fashion in Camberwell:

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