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Menswear fashion trends for winter 2022

Menswear fashion trends for winter 2022

They say that you know you’ve hit peak grown up when you start repeating things your parents said to you.

Well, it follows that the way you know fashion is adulting big time is when the season’s biggest trends are the ones most loved by our dads.

Winter 2022 menswear fashion is all about taking some comfortable dad-favourites, zapping them with an up-style wand, and creating men’s winter fashion that is stylish and on-trend.

Here are the three key menswear winter fashion trends that were hot back then and are hotter than ever now, and can all be found in the menswear stores of Camberwell Junction.

The cable crew knit

The crew knit – your dad’s most loved jumper – has been dominating winter menswear fashion for a couple of years now, and winter 2022 shows no signs of letting up.

But there’s one key difference.

This year, the crew knit is cable. That means rows of detailed, intricate stiches, creating texture and forming the key design feature.

The cable crew knit can be as elaborate or simple as the mood takes you, but the knit should be one solid colour; think black or shades of grey. The cable knit should stand unobstructed as the hero of the outfit.

The fleece jacket

It’s the jacket that men universally love for winter for its versatility and un-fussiness and the fact it can effectively do the job a jacket is meant to: keep a bloke warm when he’s out of the house.

Lined, fleece jackets are the perfect ensemble worn with jeans and a sweater for weekend brunch at Camberwell Junction. They’re also ideal for an afternoon at the footy or teamed with pants and a shirt on the way to the office.

The zipper at the front makes the fleece jacket easy to slip on and off and keeps it simple.

Chukka boots

Remember the dessert boots your dad used to love? They were a little cooler than lace-ups, and a little fancier than runners – and they were huge back in the day.

Now, they’re featured on the feet of Camberwell Junction’s most stylish men, although now we’re calling them chukka boots.

They’re the smart casual ankle boot that every man who appreciates style and comfort will be wearing this winter. Think suede with contrast stitching, or polished leather panels.

If you love the new winter menswear looks as much as your dad did, the even better news is that the three key trends are all available at the one place: Camberwell Junction shopping precinct.

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