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Women’s fashion: Stylish accessories for winter 2022

Women’s fashion: stylish accessories for winter 2022

Every new season brings with it fresh trends to observe and wardrobes to update, with a particular emphasis on accessories to complete the look.

Yet, while the new fashion season is normally about key pieces and must-have accessories, this winter fashion is not just about what accessories to have, but their size.

In winter 2022, some accessories have grown in size while others have shrunk, and Camberwell Junction shopping precinct has them all.

Here’s what you need to know about the three must-have stylish accessories this winter – but most importantly, what size they should be.

The blanket scarf

How many winter days have you longed to be able to leave the house wrapped in a blanket? Now you can and legitimately call it a fashion statement!

The blanket scarf is what you get when your favourite scarf teams up with your best-loved blanket and decides to keep you snuggly and warm all winter.

Head down to Camberwell Junction and pick up a blanket scarf of thick yarn and big stitches for a casual look, or a patterned felt or treated wool in a finer knit for a more formal or corporate style.

The only thing you need to know is that the blanket scarf is wider than it’s ever been; perfect for covering your neck and your face, leaving only your eyes peeking over the top.

The boxy cross-body bag

It’s the bag universally loved for being easy to carry and leaving both hands free to text, hold a coffee or swipe your travel card, so it’s no surprise that the cross-body bag is here for another season,

However, at Camberwell Junction this winter, there’s one key style element of this accessory you need to know: the cross-body bag is boxy. It’s square or rectangular, compact and sits comfortably on the chair next to you.

For winter fashion 2022, the cross-body bag is popular in leather or fabric, plus it’s structured and firm.

Canvas and fabric straps are still huge but consider swapping it with a chain or leather straps for the evening.

Dainty jewellery

While scarves are getting bigger, this winter jewellery is getting smaller. Think delicate necklaces and drop earrings, and tiny fine-chained bracelets.

While the jewellery itself is small, when it comes to number of pieces think big. Layer several strands of necklaces, of different lengths, with various tiny charms, and multiple bracelets on your wrists. Or continue the ‘stacking’ trend and load up with multiple dainty rings on your fingers for the prettiest ring stack.

When it comes to winter fashion there’s nothing small about the impact of accessories, and you can shop the new looks and find the best accessories for your style at Camberwell Junction.

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