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5 colours that will be on trend for autumn/winter 2022

5 colours that will be on trend for autumn/winter 2022

Every new season, while lovers of fashion keep a keen eye on emerging trends and styles, one question is always front of mind: what colours will I be wearing?

Happily, the colour forecasters at the Pantone Color Institute have it sorted for us. They’ve just released the palette for autumn/winter 2022 fashion and it’s all about a world emerging from pandemic lockdowns and embracing the vibrancy of life.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, this season’s colours “illustrate our need to break free of restraint and embrace the joy of being alive through super bright hues expressing energy-boosting vitality and the celebration of life”.

The fashion boutiques of Camberwell Junction have got the memo, and here are the five colours they’re embracing, and you will too.

1. Lilac

Every fashion maven who favours the feminine has for the past few seasons been enjoying a love affair with dusty pink, but now that affair is over – and it’s time to move on to the newest soft shade of the season: lilac.

Gentle, sweet, playful yet unassuming, lilac is the key colour of the season and it’s going to be everywhere. Work suits and blazers, leisure wear, jeans and jumpers – even footwear is favouring this prettiest of hues.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your new love either: top to toe lilac is completely on trend.

2. Emerald

There’s a reason why the Wizard of Oz decided to fashion his city in emerald green: it’s striking and breathtaking, and you definitely need it in your wardrobe this autumn/winter.

Emerald green is bold and deliberate, with overtones of refreshing luxe.

The key to incorporating emerald green into your look is to think of it as the statement piece. Team an emerald sweater with black or neutral pants; add an emerald green blazer over a grey dress for work; or finish off a neutral jeans and shirt combo with a vibrant emerald pair of shoes and handbag.

3. Crimson

It’s not the red we love to flaunt in the summer months; it’s red’s second cousin and it’s perfect for making our neutral or dark autumn/winter outfits really pop.

Think dark, rich and mysterious, and being a classic hue is entirely at home in all situations.

A crimson dress or pant suit can take you from the office to cocktail party, while a crimson pullover or cargo pant ensemble will look just at home at a city cafe for a Sunday brunch, or a weekend away in the countryside.

4. Cobalt blue

There’s a reason why your eyes light up when you see Camberwell Junction fashion store windows bursting with cobalt blue: it’s a colour that suits almost everyone.

Neither warm nor cold, this shade complements blondes or brunettes, and pale or dark skin tones.

A cobalt blue dress, oversized shirt, pants, sweater, jacket – you’re going to want them all.

Cobalt blue won’t just elevate your neutral autumn/winter wardrobe, it’ll lift your spirits and really make you stand out in the crowd.

5. Burgundy

Like the wine, this season’s burgundy is deep and rich, and is perfect for traditionalists who are over brown.

Burgundy is this year’s alternative to black and grey, and it sits somewhere between being a neutral and a statement colour.

Head to toe burgundy is completely on trend, but it’s a hue that can be mixed with other neutrals, and also sits comfortably with the other key colours of the season, cobalt blue and emerald green.

This autumn/winter the fashion stores that line the streets of Camberwell Junction have embraced the season’s directive, showcasing colours that celebrate life, energy and vitality. The only thing left to do now is to create your new season looks.

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