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Celebrate autumn 2020 in Camberwell

Celebrate autumn 2020 in Camberwell

Experience the changing colours and make the most of the new season offers in Camberwell shopping precinct this autumn.

As the days get shorter and the temperature cools, the change of season brings fresh styles and new experiences to try in one of Melbourne’s most popular open-air shopping spots.

It’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe, adding a new scarf or jacket in the latest style to your autumn wardrobe. Camberwell is home to a wide range of top fashion brands and exclusive boutiques, offering something for every taste.

The change of season also offers new, delicious menus with tasty recipes to satisfy those autumn cravings. Whether it’s soups, slow-roasted meats or other delights made from seasonal produce, there are a vast array of local cafes, restaurants and eateries to choose from in Camberwell.

Here is our guide to making the most of Camberwell this autumn:

Leaves around tree surrounds
Leaves around tree surrounds

Embrace the autumn spirit

To celebrate the glorious tones of autumn, you will find decorative leaf garlands throughout the Camberwell shopping precinct this autumn.

These tasteful decorations will add a little extra autumn joy to the customer experience and enhance the public spaces within the precinct.

3 womens fashion trends for autumn winter 2020

Changing season, changing styles

With a variety of chic boutiques and top brands on offer, you will find all of the latest autumn fashion trends at Camberwell shopping precinct.

When it comes to womenswear, the colour red will be everywhere this autumn and winter, as well as bold animal prints and eye-catching sleeves.

New menswear styles are also available from Camberwell, ranging from seasonal accessories to freshen up your wardrobe to entire new-look outfits.

You can learn more about the latest style trends here or visit our fashion directory to find the best in fashion in Camberwell.

Autumn 2019 sales offers

Autumn offers

This autumn, there are plenty of new season offers, promotions and sales happening in Camberwell. You can keep up to date with all of the offers available in the Camberwell shopping precinct here.

Home of health and wellness

Healthy habits shouldn’t finish with the end of summer.

In fact, there’s no better time to focus on your health and wellbeing than in the cooler months, when we are most vulnerable to the elements.

As one of Melbourne’s health and wellbeing hotspots, Camberwell has everything you need to look after your mind, body and soul this autumn.

Whether you want to join the gym, try a new yoga or Pilates class, or seek out an alternative health therapy, there is something to suit every level of experience in the precinct.

If you want to see what’s on offer in the area, the CamberWELL-BEING Wellness Trail returns in May to highlight some of the best health and wellbeing services in the area.

Until then, you can check out the full range of health and wellbeing businesses in Camberwell here.

Seasonal treats for all tastes

Seasonal treats for all tastes

Warming soups, hearty stews and nourishing slow-cooked meals are back on the menu as we head into autumn.

There are plenty of reasons to bring the family and friends together for a meal during autumn, whether it’s Easter, Anzac Day or Mother’s Day.

If you’re preparing a home-cooked feast, you’ll find all the seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh meat and fish, that you will need on offer at Camberwell’s Fresh Food Market.

Camberwell is also a destination for quality cafes and restaurants, offering top-notch cuisines from around the world.

However you choose to mark the new season, there is something for everyone this autumn in Camberwell.



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