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Celebrate autumn 2024 in Camberwell Junction

Celebrate autumn 2024 in Camberwell Junction

Camberwell Junction comes alive in autumn, with new season fashion and the freshest feel-good produce, set among a backdrop of trees in vibrant reds and oranges and leaves that crunch underfoot.

It’s a time of hot drinks, comfortable eateries, and activities to warm the body and soul.

Here’s how to enjoy everything that makes Camberwell Junction the place to be this autumn.

Celebrate autumn 2024 in Camberwell Junction

Embrace autumn fashion

This autumn you’ll be seeing red – in its deepest, richest forms! Burgundy, plum, red wine – these are all shades adorning the fashion stores of Camberwell Junction.

Mix and match different shades or add one statement piece to your look – choose your red at Oska and Bellite.

Denim’s star will continue to rise this autumn, and Decjuba has statement denim pieces including dresses, skirts and jumpsuits.

Given that autumn is all about sensory experiences, it should come as no surprise to learn that texture plays a pivotal role in this autumn’s fashion. Country Road and Seed have all the textural feels, from soft vegan-leather garments to the softest sweaters and cardigans.

Autumn offers

Autumn offers

With so many stores in one place, you don’t really need another reason to head down to Camberwell Junction, but in autumn shops across the precinct are ramping up their promotions and special offers. Make sure you don’t miss out – view the latest offers here.

Celebrate autumn 2024 in Camberwell Junction

Focus on health and wellbeing

While the warmer months invite exercising outdoors, it’s during autumn that our healthy-living resolutions ramp up a notch in Camberwell Junction.

Rain, hail or shine, you can get your fitness on one of Camberwell Junction’s world-class yoga and Pilates studios and gyms. They’ve got all the latest equipment, a suite of classes to suit your needs and preferences, as well as instructors ready to put together a fitness regime that is fun and will achieve your desired results.

If you’re looking for something to spice up your fitness routine or just a little inspiration, Camberwell Junction has just the fitness centre for you. Learn the self-defence art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Academy Jiu-Jitsu, peddle your way into a spin class at Sprinnt indoor cycling studio; or show them who’s the greatest at a UBX Camberwell boxing class.

This autumn, complement your routine with wholefoods and supplements from Camberwell Junction’s range of health food stores and fresh produce from Coltivare and The Source Bulk Foods, as well as supermarkets like Aldi, Coles and Woolworths.

For those who want to complement their healthy lifestyle with looking stylish in the latest activewear, there are several great options in Camberwell Junction. Lululemon and 2XU offer an extensive range of activewear suitable for gym, running and everyday exercise. And for the best range of sports footwear, step into Active Feet or The Athlete’s Foot to find the perfect fit.

Looking for some wellness inspiration? Camberwell Junction is again holding its health and wellness event, CamberWELL-BEING on Saturday, May 25. Join the Wellness Trail to discover a range of health and wellness businesses across the precinct, with many free classes, demonstrations and introductions available.

Grab your Wellness Passport from the CamberWELL-BEING HQ (located at Camberwell Fresh Food Market, rear entrance), then head off along the trail and explore the range of health and wellness businesses in Camberwell Junction, getting your passport stamped at each location.

When you have finished your journey along the trail, report back to the CamberWELL-BEING HQ to go into the draw to win from the huge pool of prizes.

Celebrate autumn 2024 in Camberwell Junction

Enjoy seasonal food

Fresh autumn produce is also known as comfort food: beans, carrots, potatoes, eggplant and mushrooms – and they are all in abundance at the Camberwell Fresh Food Market. Make sure you stop and have a chat to the grocer, who always has great ideas on how to serve them up!

Autumn is punctuated by family celebrations, and you can pick up everything you need for your Easter feast, Mother’s Day celebration or ANZAC Day commemoration at Camberwell Fresh Food Market. This year, why not celebrate the traditions that make your family unique, by recreating a family recipe, or one that pays homage to your cultural heritage?

If your idea of great autumn food is a dish prepared by someone else, head to a local cafe or restaurant to find hearty soups and other belly-warmers. Got a sweet tooth? Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy sugary pastries and sweet baked fruit (served with a dollop of cream, of course!)

This autumn, come alive in Camberwell Junction, and celebrate the vibrancy and joy of the most spectacular season of the year.



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