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5 colours that will be on trend for autumn/winter 2020

5 colours that will be on trend for autumn/winter 2020

They may have a world of inspiration and they may have a dedicated fashion production team at the ready, but there’s one thing every top Australian fashion designer needs before they start to bring a new season fashion line to life: the Color Trend Report from Pantone.

Yes, every season the Pantone Color Institute, run by the colour specialists no graphic designer can live without, releases a colour overview, highlighting the key colours that will be setting the fashion trends for autumn/winter.

So, what are those clever people at the institute predicting will be the hot fashion trends for autumn/winter 2020?

Well, look to Camberwell shopping precinct’s fashion stores for the latest trends.

Fashion colour #1: Rusty red

The Australian centre is the inspiration for this season’s hero colour: red. Fire-engine reds are spending autumn/winter back at the fire station, while this season’s red is down to earth, with shades that are rusty, copper and dusty.

Camberwell style mavens are donning suits and relaxed blazers in russet, terra cotta and burnt red making a brilliant statement when teamed up with the new season creamy neutrals.

Fashion colour #2: Delicious cream

Style rule of the season: neutral is not synonymous with boring and must never be called off-white. This autumn/winter, one of the most intriguing ‘it’ colours is cream.

The key is in the nuances. The most stylish creams are pale peach, vanilla custard, and clotted cream. Think dessert buffet, but in roll necks.

Fashion colour #3: Bold brown

This autumn/winter, brown is getting down and dirty with its best friend red. The shades of the season are rustic dark browns, copper streams and mid-tone almond.

Don’t get stingy – offset the shade with streaks of black or cream. But the more use of brown, the better.

Fashion colour #4: Brilliant blue

Turn those grey skies blue with this season’s most dazzling colour swatch.

Whether it’s bright, royal blue or tranquil cornflower blue, or all the shades in between, a few key pieces — a shirtdress, a blouse, a skirt — will see you through the dark days.

If brilliant blues are a little out there, Camberwell fashion stores are also offering chambray and muted bluestone shades.

Fashion colour #5: Outstanding orange

It’s the happiest colour on the fashion palette, and this season it’s having a moment.

For Camberwell’s brave of fashion hearts, choose a jacket or coat in vibrant orange, yellow cheddar or bright tiger orange, and those who prefer life on the edge of primary colours there’s pretty pastel peach and pinky hues.

Camberwell’s fashion brands are awash with the latest colours and styles, and all the fashion inspiration you’ll need to see you through this autumn/winter.

Find colour at these Camberwell stores:

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