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3 women’s fashion trends for autumn/winter 2020

3 women’s fashion trends for autumn/winter 2020

What happens when Australia’s top fashion designers and stylists look up from their sketchpads and Instagram accounts and take in the beauty that surrounds them in nature? The autumn/winter 2020 fashion lines, that’s what.

This autumn/winter, fashion has stretched out its long (incredibly chic) arms and given Earth a great big hug.

This season’s style is all about harnessing the beauty of the natural world and creating looks that celebrate the colours, patterns and textures of the environment.

Oh, and a signature style that pays homage to historical France is going to be huge too.

Here are the three key styles you need to know to completely nail autumn/winter dressing – and they’re all available in Camberwell now.

Style trend #1: Rusty red

Nothing makes an ensemble pop more than a splash of red, and all the style icons will be featuring red as a key colour of the season – but not just any old red. This autumn/winter it’s the earthy, rusty shades of red having their moments.

Look for soft pleated skirts and blouses in russet, block coloured trousers and jeans in rust or dark terra cotta, or relaxed fit blazers in soft burned red.

Team them with neutral whites, cream or beige to really make a statement.

Style trend #2: Animal print

Animal print is a timeless autumn/winter statement, and this year the king of the jungle is leopard. Popular style interpretations include shirt dresses, tunics, and flowing tops, entirely in animal print. If you’re sporting a leopard print cape, you’ve totally nailed the look.

This season too much is never enough, so go wild!

Style trend #3: Detailed sleeves

Every outfit needs a hero piece; that one item that shows a stunning or unique feature that stands out as a point of difference, making it interesting and unforgettable. This autumn/winter, that feature is the sleeve.

The French have always appreciated a signature sleeve, but this season, Camberwell fashionistas will also be favouring the puff sleeve, the billowing balloon sleeve and a ruffle sleeve, featured on shirts, jackets, dresses and tops.

For those who prefer their fashion statement to be subtle, the simple bell sleeve is a perfect choice, whereas those who like conversations to halt when they walk into a room have a range of options from ornate, extravagant gathers, to intricate and elaborate folds and tucks.

Head down to Camberwell shopping precinct for some sleeve inspiration, because it’s a trend that begs to be followed.

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