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3 women’s fashion trends for autumn / winter 2019

Fashion article #1_ 3 women’s fashion trends for autumn_winner 2019

Advice for the faint-of-heart is to take three deep breaths before jumping into autumn/winter 2019 fashion, with this season’s style trends reaching peak colour, print and silhouette.

Forget about the drab, neutral tones normally associated with fashion of the cooler months – news from the runways of local and major designers is that this year, the most stylish of women will be blowing away their winter blues in a paisley and floral frenzy of brilliant reds, pinks, greens and blues.

It’s about style, confidence, risk taking, boldly moving forward.

Here are the three autumn/winter 2019 fashion trends to know:

Fashion trend #1: new colour

Autumn/winter 2019 is set to deliver an epic slap down to the old fashion rules that say the cooler months are meant for dark, sombre tones or neutrals.

The style message from this season’s Melbourne and Sydney shows is that the tropics have gone on a ski holiday, with colours normally reserved for summer vacation making their way onto dresses, coats, suits and ponchos.

And in case you didn’t get the style memo: the little black dress is dead (for now).

This autumn/winter Camberwell fashionistas will be strutting through the cooler months with a confidence that only comes from being dressed head to toe in fire-truck red or shaking things up with a shock of electric blue or pop of purple.

Combine all three and you’re right on trend.

Fashion trend #2: prints

Bright colours are also taking traditional prints to a whole new level, with paisley and patchwork prints transforming into a psychedelic melange. Think Austin Powers-style on steroids.

Usually reserved for spring, florals have sprouted in the autumn/winter collections, and you simply cannot have too many. To pick up a true style gold medal, do the full floral in head-to-toe blooms.

If you prefer your prints less acid trip and more African safari, rest easy. Zebra, tiger and leopard print are still must-haves. Nail the look by teaming the animal print with a shock of brilliant colour.

Fashion trend #3: structured suiting

Nothing says top of the style hill like a power suit – and this autumn/winter you’re going to need more than one. Just remember, it’s all about the silhouette.

Tailored cigarette pants are teamed with fitted blazers, while pencil skirts are perfectly matched with jackets pulled in at the waist, emphasised by wide belts.

Think Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, meets 40s film star.

We’re talking investment pieces, which at their autumn/winter 2019 show Country Road paraded down the runway juxtaposed with crisp linen blouses with subtle puff sleeves.

Fashion isn’t quite done with the 1980s reboot this season and for power suits that means the over-sized, exaggerated shoulder – and if this makes you cringe, just remember, the wider the shoulder the smaller the waist appears.

Find seasonal trends in Camberwell:

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