15 fun ideas for Valentine’s Day dates in Camberwell

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15 fun ideas for Valentine’s Day dates in Camberwell

Valentine’s Day is billed as the most romantic day of the year.

It’s that special time when lovers in Camberwell profess their undying passion through the giving of flowers and chocolates and public displays of love that can never be too bold or too public.

Think: date night super-charged.

Here are 15 fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Camberwell shopping precinct that will leave you loved-up all year.

  1. Cuddle up at the Rivoli Cinema. There’s a reason the movies are a classic date night destination: it’s dark, films can be scary or suspenseful (better snuggle closer) and there’s popcorn!
  2. Dining out at a restaurant ticks all the boxes, providing ambience for romantic conversation while someone else takes care of the cooking. Fine dining is always a fine choice, so why not try Elyros, Italy 1 or one of the many other restaurants in the area. Note: avoid orders with parsley and lobster (no one looks great in those bibs).
  3. If it’s a balmy evening, grab an ice cream from Baskin Robbins and enjoy an after-dinner stroll.
  4. Taking your date to a bar screams “I’m cool, I’m hip” (hint: Bar None), and when you choose a wine bar (hint: Young’s Wine Rooms or St Giles Wine Bar) you get to show off your extensive knowledge of wines. Remember: research beforehand; take notes.
  5. Do chocolates properly – send them. The only thing better than receiving a beautiful Valentine’s Day treat from The Chocolate Box or Choclatte, is receiving a beautiful Valentine’s Day treat at work. In front of all your colleagues.
  6. No one does romance like the French, so get your va-va-voom on and share a coffee and an impossibly perfect little cake at Laurent Patisserie.
  7. Anyone who has ever given their loved one an experience from Endota Spa for Valentine’s Day earns immediate brownie points. True story.
  8. Do the tango. No, it’s not a euphemism, you can actually learn to tango, salsa, or bust any number of sexy Latin dance moves at Dance568 Camberwell.
  9. Cook a romantic candle-lit dinner. Grab all the ingredients from Camberwell Place – there are a great selection of fresh food stores – and get in touch with your inner MasterChef.
  10. And when you’re too full to move from the couch, pull out the selection of romantic DVDs you picked up earlier from JB Hi-Fi.
  11. Brazilian Butterfly. They wax women and men. And we’re just going to leave it there.
  12. Picnics are an excellent date night idea because they require very little effort – just make a stop at the Camberwell Market Deli and find a nice patch of grass.
  13. Get hot and sweaty together – Hollywood style! Have a go at F45 Training, the latest fitness obsession of your favourite celebrities.
  14. Roses are a Valentine’s Day non-negotiable. They need to be red and there needs to be lots and lots of them. And then some more. Order yours at Delicious Roses or Eufloria.
  15. Make this Valentine’s Day the one you will both remember forever, with a stunning piece of jewellery from one of Camberwell Shopping Precinct’s many jewellers, including Browns Jewellers and Rutherford Fine Jewellery & Pearls.


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