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The Love Junction - Valentine's Day

Celebrating the month of love

For the month of February, we’re celebrating love. And because we all experience love in different ways, we want to help you find your love language. The love languages are the different ways of expressing and receiving love.

Tell us your love language and WIN!

Simply tell us what your love language is for the chance to win a range of great prizes.
Don’t know what your love language is? Take the quiz below.

What’s your love language?

Acts of service

Acts of Service

To this person, actions speak louder than words. They value things like when someone makes them their morning coffee or helps with chores around the house.

Gift giving


For some, receiving gifts is what makes them feel most loved. It’s not about the monetary value but the symbolic thought behind the gift that speaks to them.

Quality time

Quality time

This person loves receiving undivided attention and treasures quality time together, meaningful conversations and sharing recreational activities.

Physical touch

Physical touch

Signs of physical affection and intimacy serve as powerful emotional connectors for people with this love language.

Words of affirmation

Words of affirmation

When it comes to feeling loved, verbal acknowledgment is important for some. Examples include compliments, words of appreciation and verbal encouragement.

Enter now for the chance to WIN!

Tell us what your love language is for the chance to win a range of great prizes.

Acts of service – Village Cinema voucher (valued at $100)
Physical touch – Endota Spa voucher (valued at $100)
Gifts – Chocolate Box voucher (valued at $100)
Quality time – Young’s Wine Bar voucher (valued at $100)
Words of affirmation – Paper Republic voucher (valued at $100)

Entries for this competition have now closed.

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Valentine's Day - month of love

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