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About Bailey Nelson

Put simply, buying glasses should be one of life’s pleasures. So Bailey Nelson have created a formula to make it one. They start with a process that’s clever and honest. They use it to craft eyewear that’s both beautiful and affordable. And they hire people who are passionate and genuine.

Their vision is to change the eyewear industry – positively and permanently; and whilst they’re at it, they hope to empower individuality and self-expression through their beautiful, affordable eyewear, inviting stores and incredible people.

So that’s Bailey Nelson.

They also have a fully qualified optometrist who can provide a bulk-billed, comprehensive eye examination for you. Please book here –


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Bailey Nelson

Get in before Dec 21 to use up your health benefits for 2019

Bailey Nelson: Script Your Summer

Your glasses prescription can be added to most of the stylish summer sunnies on offer at Bailey Nelson, drop-in to their store at the junction and check out the range.

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