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The best bike shops in Camberwell Junction

The best bike shops in Camberwell Junction

Back in the day, cycling was something you did as a kid, and bikes were our most prized possession.

As we peddled our way to school or just hung out with the kids in our street, we’d dream of sparkling red bikes with thunder strike stickers on the side, or glittery streamers dangling from the handlebars.

These days, though, everyone is getting their cycle on: from kids on their way to school, to executives getting fit on the way to the office, to mothers heading down to the local store.

Camberwell Junction is embracing the cycling revolution, with two specialists bike shops Camberwell cyclists head to for everything they need to get started, look the part, and maintain their prized possession.

Bike Gallery

Pictured: Cam McDonald of Bike Gallery.

Bike Gallery

Cycling isn’t just about bikes; it’s a way of life, and no one knows this better than Bike Gallery, the bike shop Camberwell Junction offers that embraces the whole cycling experience – including the well-deserved coffee at the end of a ride!

Bike Gallery is a bicycle store that provides a relaxed cafe-like experience in a professional retail and workshop environment.

Using a Synesso coffee machine and the finest beans from Axil Coffee, it also serves coffee that does Melbourne proud.

Bike Gallery sells premium bicycles, riding apparel and accessories, but is also the bike shop Camberwell cyclists head to for their custom-built road bicycles.

Bike Gallery builds bikes perfectly tailored to your specific requirements. Customers choose their frame, wheels, and components and create cycling works of art featuring quality brands like Cervelo, Mosaic and Parlee.

Every cyclist knows that for optimal performance, bikes need to be regularly serviced. Bike Gallery has a workshop that can tend to your bike’s every need, make repairs as required, and adjust settings as your needs change.

Bike Gallery understands that an important part of cycling is the sense of community it brings, and hosts two shop rides each Saturday morning. One ride is for those who prefer a social pace that finishes in a sprint, the other for more advanced cyclists and is faster paced and takes in a few more hills.

Cycles Galleria

Cycles Galleria in Camberwell Junction. Image credit: Cycles Galleria.

Cycles Galleria

It’s a cycling institution, known to everyone who has climbed onto a bike, and Cycles Galleria is the bike shop Camberwell families turn to for all their biking needs.

Featuring latest products from Trek, Electra, and Bontrager, Cycles Galleria in Camberwell Junction has all the equipment and apparel you’ll need to get started and maintain your cycling passion – all served with a dose of expert advice from their professional staff.

They sell bikes for all kinds of riders, including the latest full suspension mountain bikes and electric bikes.

Cycles Galleria (now part of the Trek Bicycle Australia) is also a bike shop Camberwell cyclists choose to perform services and tune-ups for bikes of any brand.

They’re great for local ride recommendations too, and can even supply you with digital route maps.

Cycles Galleria is welcoming of children and adults just starting out and will spend a lot of time getting to know your family and their cycling needs. Kids who may be a little nervous about starting out will leave feeling relaxed, confident and ready to hit the bike track.

Whether you’re a lycra-clad cycling devotee or a family with children looking for a fun weekend activity, if you’re looking for bike shops, Camberwell Junction has all your cycling needs covered.

Bike Gallery Camberwell: in-store

Bike Gallery

74 Auburn Parade, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9882 2031

Cycles Galleria Camberwell

Cycles Galleria

475 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9882 3253



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