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Shop local in Camberwell Junction this Christmas

Shop local in Camberwell Junction this Christmas

Some say the spirit of Christmas is in the children and their dreams of Santa and his reindeer; others say it’s the joy of celebrating with family and friends; many describe it as the most wonderful time of the year.

Yet the simple truth is that the real spirit of Christmas is experienced in the giving and goodwill of the season. It’s seeing the joy in a child’s face when they open a gift; the gratitude when showing kindness to someone in need; understanding that the greatest happiness sometimes comes from giving a gift to a person you may not know and a thank you you’ll never hear.

This Christmas, shopping local in Camberwell Junction means sharing the joy well beyond your family and friends, extending love to the families of all the local traders in your community, and showing them all the true meaning of Christmas.

Here are a few good reasons to shop local in Camberwell Junction this festive season:

Enjoy open-air shopping

Christmas shopping for our loved ones should be filled with the same joy, wonder and delight of every Christmas activity – and you’re not going to find it at large shopping malls, with their busy car parks, stores packed with tired shoppers and canned music.

The streets of Camberwell Junction are beautifully decorated, with windows displaying festive gifts, delicious seasonal aromas wafting from food stores, and cheerful greetings from locals. Take a break on a sunny seat or call into a cafe to rest while you check your Christmas shopping list – twice!

Enjoy shopping in the open-air precinct, as you get to wander from shop to shop across the heart of Burke Rd and down decorated laneways to find hidden gems where you’ll find those one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts.

Shop local in Camberwell Junction this Christmas

Don’t risk late online orders

Sure, online shopping has its conveniences – but come Christmastime, it also has its risks.

With overworked supply chains and a postage system under pressure, do you really want to spend the days leading up to Christmas stressing about whether gifts will arrive on time?

Avoid the disappointment of gifts and Christmas goodies arriving in January, or having to explain to kids why they’re going to have to wait for their presents.

By shopping local in Camberwell Junction, you can get your gifts in person and rest assured that everything will be ready for the merry day.

Support your local shops

The mum and dad traders of Camberwell Junction are the lifeblood of the precinct. You might know them by name, or just to give a friendly wave to in the morning. They serve us our coffee when we need it and just as we like it. They’re happy to share cooking tips passed down from their families to yours. Their kids go to our schools; they’re familiar faces at community events; they are our neighbours.

This year, when you shop local in Camberwell Junction, you’re giving a welcome Christmas present to all the families behind the stores in Camberwell Junction. You’re supporting your community, your friends, and families just like yours.

Now that’s the true spirit of Christmas.

Shop local in Camberwell Junction this Christmas

Camberwell Junction has it all for Christmas

Camberwell Junction takes the hassle of Christmas shopping and replaces it with fun and festivity!

With more than 400 stores, including popular chains and beloved boutiques, it’s the perfect place to find a gift for everyone on your Christmas shopping list.

Not sure what to get that special somebody? Check out our Camberwell Junction Christmas gift guide for ideas. Or for a festive Christmas family activity, simply wander through the wonderfully decorated streets of the precinct, look in shop windows for inspiration, and soak up the Christmas atmosphere.

Kids will love the fun of getting involved in our Where’s Rudolph? competition. Simply head down to Camberwell Junction and search for Rudolph and his reindeer mates, hidden on posters in shop windows, for your chance to win a $500 gift voucher to spend in Camberwell Junction.

Circle Saturday, December 9 on your calendar for Camberwell Junction’s Christmas Family Day, a fun-packed day of free Christmas activities, including roving entertainers, live music, and even a visit from Santa! It’s a Camberwell Junction Christmas tradition, where everyone can shop local and rediscover the magic of Christmas.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Camberwell Junction, and by shopping local this festive season you can help make it a Christmas to remember.



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