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How Brava Lingerie supports teenage girls with bra fittings

How Brava Lingerie supports teenage girls with bra fittings

Comfort, perfect fit and great style are the hallmarks of Brava Lingerie’s bras for teens.

The lingerie store, located in Camberwell Junction, offers a specialised bra fitting service for teenagers that combines experience and compassion.

Bra fitting can be daunting for some young women and the staff at Brava are dedicated to removing any awkwardness and making the whole experience – right down to the choice of bra – a comfortable and easy experience.

At Brava, information and understanding are key.

“A bra fitting with an experienced and compassionate bra fitter helps young women to understand how a bra should fit so they don’t have to try to figure it out,” said Brava’s director Lin Windram.

“Especially as teenagers are still growing and things will continue to change.”

Positivity and style

Fitters at Brava don’t just ensure a correct size but know that young women want something stylish, too.

“We all know that most teenagers are highly unlikely to wear something they don’t like, so we make sure to recommend bras that fit correctly, feel comfortable and are in a style she really likes,” said Ms Windram.

And it’s all about positivity at Brava. Teenagers and young women leave with an understanding of why a certain fit and shape is for her.

They also feel heard and understood by fitters who know the bra fitting and shopping experience can be a fraught one for teens.

Brava fitters put their young clients at ease, respect their nervousness and, from years of listening, they know what many young women, especially larger breasted young women, want from a bra.

“For example, many teenagers and young women don’t want nipple show and we offer bras designed with a light moulding that are perfect for young girls who want to feel less exposed, with a decreased risk of nipple show,” said Ms Windram.

“Some parents believe moulded bras will make breasts look bigger but when the bras are selected by a professional, highly trained bra fitter who really understands the brands and ranges, the bra is likely to create a natural, smooth shape that won’t show through clothing.”

Ms Windram said some teens like to wear sports bras or crops as their everyday styles.

“They are comfortable, supportive and create a smooth appearance,” she said.

Teen girls are not alone

Many teenagers, even those of a slim build, are fuller busted but wear the wrong bra size and shape because they feel embarrassed.

“Maybe they are a different shape and size to their mums and they feel odd,” said Ms Windram.

“What we do at Brava is assure them they are not alone. We fit many young women with a larger bust and the good news is, with a proper fitting and stylish bra you will look and feel so much better.”

There is now a wide range of stylish bras for younger women in larger cup sizes and at Brava, and the aim is to show what a good fitting bra can do for posture and confidence.

With the store located in the heart of Camberwell Junction, an area with many surrounding schools, it means a Brava fitting can easily be scheduled around school hours.

Often parents are unsure of their role in this part of their daughter’s puberty journey.

Ms Windram’s advice for parents is to help their daughter build a positive relationship with her body.

“That will reduce the stress of her bra shopping experiences,” she said.

Offering empowerment and confidence

At Brava the emphasis is on creating a positive, friendly, embarrassment-free shopping and fitting experience for teenage girls.

“It’s an absolute delight when a young woman discovers the right bra for her shape, embraces her unique body, and leaves the store feeling comfortable, confident and empowered,” said Ms Windram.

If you have a young woman in your life – or are a young woman – in need of honest, expert and comforting bra advice, speak to the welcoming fitters at Brava.

“We love to help,” said Ms Windram.


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