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Meet a Trader: Tiffany Steele and Evie Goode from Dickory Dock in Camberwell

Meet a Trader: Tiffany Steele and Evie Goode from Dickory Dock in Camberwell

A lingerie store in Camberwell is giving women the chance to try a unique and intimate fitting experience they’ll never forget.

Family-owned and run business Dickory Dock started in 1946 and has been based in Camberwell from the beginning.

The store, located at the Burke Hill end of Camberwell, specialises in fitting and selling imported lingerie including bras, briefs, bridal undergarments, corsetry and bodysuits, swimwear and bras for women who have undergone breast surgery.

Buyer and Associate Director Tiffany Steele is the third generation in the family business and said the essence of Dickory Dock is still the same as when it established nearly 70 years ago.

Garments are sourced from abroad, including countries in Europe, the UK and Northern America, to ensure the highest quality fabrics, styles and brands.

“For us it’s all about the fit and the quality. When people come to us, that’s what they want,” Ms Steele said.

Customers who visit Dickory Dock for a personalised fitting will be greeted by a corsetiere who will then take them into the fitting room for measurements.

Dickory Dock interior fitting rooms

Dickory Dock's interior fitting rooms.

The store is intimate and calming – pretty boudoir fitting rooms with luxurious, pink curtains, beautifully decorated walls and a stunning chandelier all add to the special experience.

Customers are then asked what kind of bra they are interested in and the corsetiere will bring out a range of styles for them to try on.

The customer can then decide which styles they prefer and, with the help of the corsetiere, determine whether any alterations are required.

“It’s a one-on-one private consultation. Consultations can last from half an hour to an hour or more. That’s why we don’t take appointments because we don’t know how long some people will take. It’s all walk-ins and we serve everyone for as long as they need,” Ms Steele said.

“It’s all about you and we bring out garments to suit your needs.”

The store also has in-house seamstresses to do alterations of garments to create the perfect fit for every woman.

Whether a customer needs a section of the bra tightened, loosened or adjusted for comfort, Dickory Dock can solve common and even more complex issues with bra fittings.

“Generally we can always do something. Sometimes ladies are allergic to all elastane and we can line the bra with cotton for them,” Ms Steele said.

Corsetiere Evie Goode said all stock was kept at the back of the store to eliminate the overwhelming task of customers standing in front of a wall of bras and having to make a decision about what to choose.

“Because we know our range so well, sometimes we’ll throw in one or two styles we think the customer will like. They’re often pleasantly surprised,” Ms Goode said.

“We keep records for every customer, including their history of fittings, garment sizes and styles so they can come back and reorder similar pieces. Or we can mail out garments to them if they’re not able to get to the store.

“It also means family and friends can come into the store to purchase a gift for a customer as we will have all their sizing and style preferences on file.”

Ms Steele said Dickory Dock was a “destination store” that attracted generational customers, with some who began shopping with them in the 1960s still regular customers today.

“We want women to be happy, comfortable and feel like they’re wearing a beautifully-fitted bra,” she said.

Dickory Dock Camberwell Shop front

Visit the store

Dickory Dock

945 Burke Rd, Camberwell
Phone: (03) 9882 1575
Visit: dickorydock.com.au

Dickory Dock Camberwell Shop front

Dickory Dock Lingerie

945 Burke Road, Camberwell, 3124

(03) 9882 1575

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